Useful tip about exams

by quaver1969


I’ve found this in youtube.
I think it could be useful for us just in case we need it.
If you have any useful tips like this, please let us know!


See you.

Note from the teacher: I know you ALL!!!


The Bobbit case update

Posted by Quaver1969


This Friday I was with a friend in her house and we found a magazine from the year 1993 when the Bobbit’s case was a recent piece of news.

Well, the magazine told the whole story of this woman who cut her husband’s penis after having been raped and mistreaded by him repeatedly.

What the press didn’t tell was that after having cut the… thing she went with it in her hand driving along a higway with her husband following her in another car-he was trying to recover what was his- and she realized that the penis was preventing her from driving properly, so she opened the window and threw it on the road, but before the penis fell it bounced against the windscreen of a truck that was right behind her car.

There were two lorry drivers in that truck and one asked to the other: Have you seen that mosquito’s balls?


A funny video: Mr Bean in the toilet

Posted by mrosarioa
This is a funny sketch by Mr Bean who is a famous humorist and comedian. He is like a boy caught in an adult body that always represents silly moments that everybody lives throughout their lives.

In this fragment he finds himself in a funny situation that is usual for him, his humor with a great load of original an eccentric solutions for his problems.

Although sometimes he borders the absurd stupidity, in other occasions he has a mixture of elegancy and cynicism ingeniousity, an mischief that makes us laugh to tears.

While I was watching this sketch I thought about the many times when we misunderstand others and we judge them before we know the facts.

Sending up the economic crisis

Two British comedians sending up the current economic situation and the way the financial world handled it. It’s so good that you end up believing they are real and then you stop smiling!

If you don’t understand it very well you can always watch the subtitled version.

(This post was originally published in November, but since we are dealing with the topic of money in class, I thought it would be a good idea to have a second look at it. If you didn’t see it then, you can’t miss it now! It’s incredible!)

Sitcom at its best: Fawlty Towers

Basil, the rude manager of the most famous non-existant hotel in Torquey is one of the most celebrated characters on Bristish television.

Here you have a fragment of the episode Communication Problems, the passage you can read in our text book. In this scene you Basil show his ability to be intolerably impertinent to someone that, for once, seems to deserve his sarcasm.

If you cannot see the video, try here.

Comment about an advertisement

Posted by monicafu

The ad I loved the most was that one about condoms.

(You can watch the ad with this link or clicking on the picture)


I had watched it years ago and it always made me laugh out loud. You can’t expect what is going to happen the next morning. Who hadn’t imagined the boy liked to be a girl and his father was worried because he didn’t play with proper toys for boys?

Next morning you can see the intentions of the boy and the man: the kid just played with dolls because he dreamed he had two girlfriends and his father wanted him to play with dolls looked like Action-Man figures because he liked boys.

Just simply funny to death… In addition, the music catches the humour perfectly, bringing the last laugh to the viewer.

To conclude, this ad gives us an unexpected good and deep idea: use condoms no matter how you’re going to use them because it doesn’t matter how you are or what you like.

Funny Video: Parody of Shakira

Sent by Beatriz Fernández López

I’m not specially fan of humor programs. As I see it, it’s quite difficult to understand English jokes. I believe, it is not a problem with language but with the complicated English sense of humor.

Obviously, It’s different with parodies, because It’s also a physical humor. Only with body movements you can laugh your head off. This is the case of Shakira’s parody, which is very funny for me.

If you cannot see the video click here.