Crime stories

Are you into crime and detective stories? What about writing your own thriller?

With each of the links below you will find a post with a video. The short films are part of a self-promotional campaign shown on the theme TV channel Calle 13, which specialises in crime stories and thrillers. Watch the videos and write an idea for an episode of a story based on what each scene suggests.

Once some people have started writing their ideas, you can also modify someone else’s suggestion and write a new version of their story. And if your version has been changed, you can send a comment disgreeing with the writer, giving more information about your story.

Consider the following points:

  • Where is the action set?
  • Are there any characters involved in the action?
  • Are there any elements of suspense?
  • What might have happened before the scene you can see?
  • And most importantly, what do you think is going to happen next?

These are the topics of the videos:

    1. The Platform
    2. The Lift
    3. The Scales
    4. The Glass
    5. The Garden
    6. The Park
    7. The Bath


Remember to write your ideas for the story in the comment box in each post.


3 thoughts on “Crime stories

  1. I’ll think of a story for this page.
    But meanwhile…
    Do you know Miguel Gila’s story about how he discovered Jack the ripper?
    He spent some time givin Jack the ripper hints every time they met wherever:
    “Someone has killed someone”
    ” Someone is a murderer”
    And so on, until finally the poor Jack the ripper gave up and confessed.
    Ha, ha, ha, ha.

  2. to my mind the best thriller ever is Ten Little Indians written by Agatha Christie. in this book that I strongly recommend, you’ll feel that you can’t guess what’s going to happen then! The story is about ten people who go to an island, invited by a man none of them knows, and they find out when they arrive that the only man guide them is the butler. Then people start to be killed, one by one, and they don’t know who is the murderer. At the end, the three last characters don’t know who they can trust.
    If you feel any intrigue, read it! You won’t be disappointed!

  3. Paul was waiting for the train which should take him home. He was tired after a long, hard day, but it was all over, finally he´d be able to rest.
    The underground station was calm, empty, he was enjoying that moment of peace, so weird for him after the last two weeks, always watching his
    back, but now he would be free… Paul closed his eyes, he just wanted to hear the train approaching, but it wasn´t what he felt at all. He could
    smell him even after hearing his steps, it was impossible!he must be dead!Then he felt his breath in his neck, he was so close, there wasn´t loophole.
    Closing his eyes even harder, Paul waited to feel de push, he had found him. As soon as he saw the train lights, he felt his strong hands in his back, and then nothing. It was his end.

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