Health and medicine

1. Homeopathy: a danger for patients or a safe alternative?

Homeopathy used to be a respected alternative to main stream medicine, but the latest research seems to have cast doubt of this kind of practice.
How much do you know about the topic?
Read some texts in favour and against and draw your own conclusions.

In favour: This is what advocates for homeopathy want you to know about it:


Watch the video and take notes of the alternative medicine remedies and other not scientific methods that the “doctors” use trying to save the patient.

2.Vaccines: The troubling reason why vaccines are made too late … if they’re made at all

3. The controversy of vaccination in children

In favour of vaccines
Against vaccines
  • MMR Vaccine & Autism.

About ‘Organic’ Food

Article: Leave ‘Organic’Out of It by Mark Bittman

To be more effective, food activists should steer clear of buzzwords that only confuse the issues.

“The ever-increasing number of people working to improve the growing, processing, transporting, marketing, distributing and eating of food must think through our messages more thoroughly and get them across more clearly. I don’t pretend to have all the answers, but I can say that a couple of buzzwords represent issues that are far more nuanced than we often make them appear. These are “organic” and “G.M.O.’s” (genetically modified organisms).(…)

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