Our Advice Column is back

After a few too many months of inactivity in our section Advice Column, we have received new cases for you, dear reader, to send your expert knowledge.

Don’t hesitate to take part, send your comments and help our distressed friends.

This is our first new case: “Is she my daughter?”

When I was a teenager I had a friend who, one day, told me that he was going to get marry because his girlfriend was pregnant. It was a surprise for me but I knew that he was in love with her and he had a good job so I didn’t see any problems. But a few years later, when their daughter was four or five the relationship between them began to get worse and worse everyday. For this reason they decided to get a divorce but there was a big problem: Who would have the custody of the girl? At that moment, the woman told my friend that he wasn’t the father of the girl. She told him that she had had an affair with another man when they were single and he was the father of the child. He was astonished and he couldn’t believe it so, for this reason, he decided to do the DNA test and it gave the reason to his wife. What should he do in that moment? Should you renounce to the child he believed for five years to be his daughter? How should his relationship with her be from that moment?


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