A Conversation With John Irving

Have you read any of John Irving’s books? You may be familiar with some of the titles that have been turned into successful films, like The Cider House Rules or Hotel New Hampshire. It’s easy to be put off by the size of his books, but once you get into them that’s exactly what you want: a thick, long novel to keep you going for a while. I really recommend his books, especially The World According to Garp. The language is not particularly difficult, and it’s so well written that it’s worth the effort.
In a conversation with the NY Times editor of the Book Review, Irving talks about his latest book and reveals that he always starts his novels writing one particular part that is never changed, not a comma, not a dash… Do you know which one ? Watch the video and find out.


One thought on “A Conversation With John Irving

  1. In my high school AP English class I remember reading A Prayer for Owen Meany, which really helped me understand as a writer that not all questions had to be answered for the reader. In prior years, John Irving had been very good at responding to high school students’ letters until he stepped up in popularity. I wish I could remember where I put the letter that he eventually mastered to send out in reply for all Owen Meany inquiries. I do remember it being very interesting in tone and still never giving us the answer we wanted–was Owen Meany really an immaculate conception?

    I also read The Cider House Rules; his characters never fail to be human.


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