Basics of Multicultural Manners

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Are there any Spanish habits or manners that could shock someone from a different culture? What advice would you give to a potential visitor from abroad? Write a comment with your recommendations and suggestions.


One thought on “Basics of Multicultural Manners

  1. In Spain it is really dificult to find men kissing each other. It even seems to be freak for Spaniards to let show their feelings in a public space. And often, when two men are seen walking holding hands or hugging on the street, we guess it has to be with a sexual deviation. (¿?)
    As a foreigner, I have had many cultural shocks when expresing feelings and greeting new people. As in the country where I come from, it would be too formal to reach across, instead of kissing. People usually kiss each other. Even between men. So, I often thought: why were men in Spain, and still are, not able to understand that a kiss, as a greeting, will not kill anyone? Are we still a bit chauvinist?
    By the way, throughout these years away from my country, I could find some diferent countries in Europe, or even Arabic countries, where men, and women as well, walking along the street holding hands, just because they are friends. They let show their feeling without caring about public prejudice. It is marvellous! isn´t it?
    Thus, when a friend of mine visit Spain, I strongly recomend being wary when they have to greet to anyone.
    Last but not least, my advice for Spaniards is the next: when someone introduces you to a foreinger, don’t be afraid of whether she or he comes closer so as to give you a kiss or a hug, or perhaps hold your hand while walking. Just open your mind and enjoy that he or she is treating you like in his/her own country, and it is a truly gift.

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