21 Accents

Listen to an actress who manages to speak in 21 different accents. Spanish is not included, though. Very interesting…

PS: This post was hidden somewhere deep in the past. I’ve updated it so you can find it easily. There are comments from people who saw it the first time I posted it, exactly two years ago…

11 thoughts on “21 Accents

  1. Hello, I’m Cristina Alonso, I’m 39 years old, and I come from Oviedo.
    Well…I managed to understand perfectly eigtheen of the twenty-one different accents. I couldn’t understand her Scotch accent, neither one I think (and now I’m using completely my gifts of divination) is of black people, nor her own accent.
    I hope you will throw some light into my listening, María.
    Thank you.
    See you.

  2. wow!
    She´s brilliant! i could talk to people from California and Seattle and their accent is very similar! But, i think German accent is stronger than hers and much more difficult to understand! At least, for me!
    I prefer listening to British peope! 🙂

  3. I am feeling a little depresed: why is our accent (the Spanish one) so despised? It is not worse than the, for instance, the French one!!!
    Anyway, Spanisn and British are my favorite accents!!!

  4. By the way: Isabel Allende video was brilliant. The World still needs Feminism. However I am afraid that powerfull women are quite similar to powerfull men.

  5. Hi! She is doing a great job, but I think that the French accent is a little bit stronger. For me it was the same as Cristina, I was able to understand almost all of them, but the scottish one.
    Anyway, María, I’m having problems with the password for the Keys and downloads section, has it changes?

  6. Talking aobut accents I want to recomend
    everyone HEROES, an American tv serial world-famous in which you can hear:
    -american accent
    -japanese accent
    -irish accent
    -latin accent
    -indhi accent
    – …

    Heroes is about people with speacial ‘gifts’ all
    around the world, that’s why the diversity of their accents, in addition, it’s really well done and extremely addictive.
    The first chapters of the third them (the last one) are already upload on the internet.

    Here the trailer:

  7. I´m very upset with this video. Obviously, it´s a great ability, can imite twenty-one accents, but don´t you think that the girl is a bit mad??her look is quite disturbing…

    Apart from that, I believe that most of us are managed to speak , in at least, ten Spanish accents, for instance; gallego, catalan, asturiano, andaluz, canario, argentino, mexican…

  8. Does she speak all those idioms or is she just pretending to have an accent from those countries? If it´s the second posibbility it would be rather useless :$

    Well, it´s something to be proud about I guess 😛

    PS: Her face is weird when pronouncing some words LOL

    PS2: Please erase mi other comment, it has some mistakes -_-U

  9. It’s incredible! 21 accents!

    I agree with Ivy when he says that most of us can speak about ten spanish accents, that’s true… but really really complicated!

    I also recomend HEROES it’s one of my favourites series! so have a look to the trailer (in Desirée’s comment) May be you’ll like it.

    See you

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