Free the lobsters, for goodness sake!

by Quaver1969

Hello dudes!
Yesterday I had dinner with my family in a restaurant at the sea shore. There was a big tray laying on the floor which contained the biggest lobsters I have ever seen. There were four or five huge lobsters -the waiter said they weighed six kilos each, and , believe me, I swear, it is true- piled together into that plastic tray, one of those used in ports to sell fish directly from the fishermen’s boats.
The thing is they were moving, fighting to return to the sea in spite of being tied up in rubber ropes. And I felt like stealing the tray and throw them into the water, which was a few meters away. However, I kept sitting in my seat.
I never cook living animals, if I want to cook a lobster I freeze it in the freezer the previous night, the poor animal suffers much less pain this way than being boiled or fried alive.
So if you don’t want to go through an episode like this, which happened to the muppets’ Swedish chef, free the lobsters or freeze them!

See you!

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