Bye, bye, Oviedo

That’s it! Two more days and my time as a teacher at Oviedo EOI will be over. My new school in Cangas del Narcea is waiting for me. It’s exciting to have a new project ahead: after so many years working in a big school now I’m going to be the head teacher in a tiny one, the newest in Asturias. There will be only three or four of us and I will have more responsibilities, but I’m sure it’s going to be a great experience.

To my students in Oviedo all these years, thank you very much for helping me to enjoy my job. It’s been a pleasure. I’m sorry if some of you might have felt disappointed with the results of the Certificación tests. I hope that as a whole, disappointments apart, you have had a good time studying at the EOI of Oviedo and in my classes. I certainly have . I’m not very good at saying goodbye and I wish I had told you this in person the last day I taught you.

And thanks to my fellow teachers who are also my friends. I’m sure that working in a different place won’t affect our friendship. Now you have an excuse to visit Cangas, which happens to be a fantastic lively place. And it’s going to be a relief not to be in charge of so many computers and so much equipment with so little time to do things.

I’ll keep this blog updated every so often this summer and next year, and remember it’s your blog too, students, so please keep taking part in it whenever you feel like! I always enjoy reading your posts and comments.

Thank you again.



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