Posted by Quaver1969

For those of you who have a car with a diesel engine and want to be environmentaly friendly I have good news.
There is a relatively new type of fuel called biodiesel. This fuel is obtained through a chemical process which transforms vegetable and animal oil into diesel.
Its properties are similar to those of the petroleum diesel. There is an important factor to bear in mind though. It has a higher detersive power, which means that if you fill your fuel tank with it, it will remove sediments existing in it causing the fuel filter to block for as many times as your car’s fuel tank is getting free of sediments.
This inconveniece can be sorted out easily:
There are various types of biodiesel, B100 is the designation for pure biodiesel, which means it doesn’t contain any petroleoum diesel. The rest of types vary according to the proportion of biodiesel in a mixture of both kinds of fuel and are the following designations; B5 (5% of biodiesel), B15, B30 and B50.
What you have to do in order not to get your fuel filter blocked by the sediments is to start filling your tank with B5 twice or three times and then fill it with an increasingly higher biodiesel proportion fuel little by little until finaly you load the pure biodiesel.
There are three advantages for the environment in using this fuel.
1. The waste of fuel in the transportation of petroleum from oil wells to refineries is zero.
2. The risk of an oil tanker breaking in the middle of the ocean and thus poluting the environment is -again- zero.
3. The vegetable oil needed to produce it can be gathered after having been used at big restaurants’ kitchens.
And there is a further advantage: the CO2 resulting from the combustion belongs to a closed cycle in which first the plant has absorbed what the diesel engine is releasing later. This doesn’t happen with petroleum diesel.
I hope this information will be useful for us all.
See you.


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