Motion for Debate: Socialnetworking applications help you to improve your social life

Do you have a Facebook / MySpace /Tuenty account? If you do, has your social life improved in any way? The answer will probably be YES. You have probably got in touch with people you haven’t see for ages, and through them, got to know new friends.

If you don’t know much about Facebook, you can watch the video and read the article and you will learn some of the things you are not supposed to do when using this application.

This video with vintage feel gives us some of the golden etiquette rules not to break when using this popular socialnetworking application.

And  if you are still wondering what else you should know about Facebook, offers some additional guidelines in this article.

Do you agree with the motion? Do socialnetworking apps help to improve our social life or are they just a way of locking yourself up in your room living an artificial life?

Share your ideas with us posting a comment and don’t forget to answer the poll with your view!


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