1st Prize for Our Virtual English Classroom!

We’ve been honoured with the first prize in the  III Premio Espiral Edublogs 09 for the category Blogs de Aula – Universidad.

I must confess that I’m delighted with the news! But above all I’m really proud of my students, who have made this blog win with their interesting posts and comments. Thank you for taking part in it so actively, we’ve won it together!

And thank you to the Asociación Espiral for creating a space that allows teachers to know each other’s work and motivate us to keep on working with ICT in our classes.


21 thoughts on “1st Prize for Our Virtual English Classroom!

  1. Congratulations, María!!
    I’m very happy for you and your students, you deserve the prize for your hard work and for sharing it with everyone else through this blog.

  2. Congratulations!
    I know both the campus and the blog take a lot of work and time, but these things help us so much in improving our English, so you really deserve the prize. Congratulations again!!

  3. Congratulations, María!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    You’re one of my heroines, a role-model, and I hope that your students can appreciate your time and effort to help them improve. Your future is full of awards, I know!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. Lo so che in questo sito sono una mosca bianca, ma il mio inglese… insomma…. lasciamo perdere.
    COMPLIMENTI!!! Congratulations!

  5. Hi my dear! ¿Te había felicitado ya? You were on my mind long ago! Just in case my message didnt make it, I just wanted to say CONGRATULATIONS; it’s SO well deserved. I’ll definitely grab some ideas for our future blogs next year.
    Take care,

  6. Hi Maria and Congrats !! I didn’t know you were the happy winner of this III edition. You really deserve it !!!

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