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Anybody know a joke?
Come on!
Tell it!

This is a student who arrives late to the class.
The teacher says;
“Why are you late?”
“Oh! I’ve been with a friend who lost a 500 euro banknote”.
“And you were helping him to look for it?”
“No. I was standing on it”.

Here you are another one.

Now it’s your turn.

See you.

2 thoughts on “Jokes

  1. I am going to tell a joke that someone sent me by e-mail; I find it funny though quite out of fashion.

    This is a flight with five passengers, the plain starts to have problems and there are only four parachutes. So, someone have to make a sacrifice for the rest.
    The first passenger is Ronaldo. Ronaldo says: I am one of the best footballers in the world, thousand of fans enjoy with my style of play and I cannot disappoint them, so I have to jump. Therefore, he takes a parachute and jumps.
    The second passenger is Hilary Clinton. She says: I am the United States former president’s wife, I am senator for New York and I may be the next president, thus I need to jump. She takes a parachute and jumps.
    The third passenger is George W. Bush. I am the president of United States, says Bush; I am a bright and an intelligent president; international politics depends on me. So he jumps.
    The fourth passenger is the Pope, Juan Pablo the Second. I am a good man, the Christendom’s father confessor, but I am an old man too and I prefer give you (says the Pope to the fifth passenger, a little schoolboy) my parachute.
    Do not worry Pope, says the boy, there is a parachute for you too because the bright and intelligent president jumped with my backpack.

  2. Hey!

    Ok, if no one tells jokes I’ll tell you some.

    A doctor, an engineer and an computer specialist are discussing about which of their proffessions is the oldest.

    The doctor says,
    “In the Bible it is said that God created Adam and then took a rib from him to create Eve. This is obviously a surgery operation”.

    The engineer says.
    “It is said also that first God separated Order from Chaos, which is evidently an engineering work”.

    The computer specialist says,
    “Yep, but which way do you think God created Chaos”?

    This is a boy who is calling her mum,
    “Mum, mum, is it true that we come from monkeys”?
    “I don’t know son, your father has never introduced me to his family”.

    And another one.

    Come on!

    Nobody knows any?

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