Motion for debate: Adoption by gay couples should be banned

Presented by sam_ov

Nowadays there’s much controversy about gay adoption. Some years ago a couple formed by people from the same sex would be unimaginable, but now they can even be married. For some people this is a step forward for modern society, others think it’s anti-natural, and the vast majority respect and approves it as long as it doesn’t affects them or their family. But when talking about gay adoption it’s not just what these homosexual people think or what they want to do with their lives, but what’s better for children.

Although there are various psychologists who think that a child grown up in a homosexual environment can be as normal as other children, there are some reasons for banning gay adoption:

* Stability is the key to raising an emotionally and mentally healthy child; unmarried and homosexual couples cannot provide the stability that married heterosexual couples can give.
* Children need a role model, both male and female. Every child has the right to have a mother and a father. Homosexual activists put their personal desires above the rights of these children to have a chance at a normal family life with a father and mother.

* As Susan Golombok and Fiona Tasker found, children raised by a homosexual parent were much more likely to experiment with homosexual behavior themselves.
* Children would be really confused about his/her mums and his/her dads. They would never know what a true father or mother is, or what a family is so, in the future, they wouldn’t be able to form a proper family or behave in a traditional way with their children.
* Another point that a consider really important is how the child would feel compared with other children. Their friends would make laugh of him/her during his/her whole childhood and teenage because of his/her strange family. Apart from the teasing, the child above all the teenager would always feel insecure, , and ashamed of his/her parents and this could cause some traumas.
* For many people homosexual activists are just putting their personal desires above the rights of these children to have a chance at a normal family with father and mother.
Personally talking I think this is a very difficult situation for children which I wouldn’t like to live myself. This is a topic which must be discussed taking into account only the well being of the child, not the whims of the gays. What is your opinion? Should children be adopted by gay couples or that would be just a dead weight for their normal development?

(You can read this article from The Boston Globe about the topic, and this one from Slate Magazine.)

6 thoughts on “Motion for debate: Adoption by gay couples should be banned

  1. Hello.
    I totally disagree with the motion.
    1. Stability.
    Half of heterosexual marriages end up divorcing in Spain -that’s half-stable in my opinion- and in many of the other half, spouses just bear each other, in many cases giving a bad example and experience to their kids.
    2. Roles.
    What about single mother children?
    People learn roles from many sources.
    I bet there are thousands of children who learnt a man is someone who gets back home and says:
    Honey, shall you bring me a beer, please?
    3. Likelihood for homosexual behaviour.
    If that was true there would not be homosexuals in the world because they have a mother and a father too and they have their sexual orientation regardless of their parents orientation.
    4. Confusion of people raised by homosexuals about which role to adopt when raising their own children.
    Who is not confused on this matter?
    5. Shame.
    Those children don’t need to bear a billboard telling their private life to others.
    Besides you never know what people may feel ashamed of -think about your looks in the eighties! 🙂
    6. A normal family.
    Do you consider that heterosexual man who kidnapped his daughter and raped her repeatedly for years as “normal”?
    See you.

  2. Wow! Difficult question!

    I’m not sure about my answer. First of all, I totally agree with the second statement ‘Children need a role model’ both male and female. I agree with this basically because I suffered that situation. I mean, I had the lack of a father during my childhood and I’m completely sure that a lot of my insecurities and some of my decisions or ways of behaving are related with that loss. So I think that a child needs a male and a female rol-model to grew up.

    But, on the other hand, I consider that a gay couple is, in many cases, better prepared to give a child the love and the stability he/ she needs.

    That’s why I don’t have a fixed idea, sorry!

  3. I don´t see why a gay couple should be unable to adopt a children, I think that this “social barrier” about gay couples is a part of the past, or at least it should be :$

  4. It’ s very difficult to write after these opinions.
    I am in favour that gay couples could adopt children.
    In our society coexist all type of families: single mothers, fathers, children who live with their grandparents,etc. It is “natural” actually.
    In my opinion, a child could be more confused or insecure if a new mother’s boyfriend pick up him/her every day.

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