Motion for debate: Eating meat is murder

Presented by Desirée

Some people say that Christ was one of them, that since cavemen, people have co-existed with animals eating only vegetables. But nowadays if YOU look around you, you are going to see hundreds of predators. Humans use their knowledge to torture and kill the other species to feed themelves.

We live in a carnivore society too far from the Japanese diet, rich in vegetables and natural food. We are made to think that eating meat is healthy and necessary to be fit.
But is it possible to have a healthy diet without eating red meat? Of course it’s possible, if you eat: fruit, vegetables, bread, cereals, pasta, legumes, milk (…) in a balance way you’ll be as healthy as a person who eats meat.

What’s more, hundreds of animals are murdered in slaughterhouses each year and they are sent directly to our supermarkets, but, do we really understand the damage we are causing only to have something for dinner? I’m sure that the idea of watching a cow screaming while a farmer shoots it in the middle of the forehead’s it’s not so tasty as a veal chop, but it’s the reality, is the direct result of diet.

While it’s true that killing animals is the worst human act, it must not be forgotten that in the case this large number of animals weren’t kill this could create a catastrophe in the environment. That’s a good point for biologist to be study, maybe if we don’t kill them they would die for natural reasons.

All in all, the main rule in wild life is ‘haunt to eat’, and it’s also true that any animal would haunt you if it has the opportunity, but that’s the point, WILD ANIMALS would do that…not humans.

8 thoughts on “Motion for debate: Eating meat is murder

  1. Hello.
    Years ago I was a vegetarian for three years. I ate only vegetables, legummes, cereals, fruits, eggs and milk. I took that decision because I watched a documentary on TV about how our society deals with animals in different topics. I think I have that documentary recorded in an old VHS videotape. It lasts two hours and it is revolting. So I won’t watch the video you have posted just in case.
    In that documentary they explained how animals are mistreated for several reasons most of times brutally, and sometimes without any good reason to do that -it is not that there are good reasons to be cruel to other living beings. There are many cultural tortures animals have to go through.
    I’ll tell you a not very distressful one:
    Hens are exposed to artificial light at night in order make them lay two eggs each 24 hours instead of only one, which is what they naturally do. This doubles profit for farmers. Hence the poor animals don’t sleep. So I buy eggs produced in the natural way.
    However, due to society pressure I’m not a vegetarian any more, though I try not to eat too much food whose ingestion implies killing live animals. If I have to cook seafood, I put it in the fridge for a night and then -after it has frozen- I cook it.
    There are different ways to do things. I am aware there is a cruel insensitive killing industry based on our diet, but I don’t wish to cause trouble to my family or friends when they take me out for lunch or invite me to their homes.
    And I know many things must be done to grant animals a better unstressful, unpainful way to
    See you.

  2. It´s been proved that meat has certain kind of nutrients which are essential in a rich, balanced diet. Of course, you could live only eating vegetables, but that won´t be the healthiest option at all 😦

    And what´s the point in putting Japanese diet as a better one than ours? They eat fishes almost every day, and they are animals too :$

    I respect vegetarians, but some of their arguments against eating meat are out of context in my opinion >_<

  3. You cannot compare the way in which cows and fishes dies.
    In my opinion, cows suffer far more, because fishes most of
    the times dies because asfixia and in the other case,
    animals of red meat suffer torture in the slaughterhouse.

    By the way, I understand perfectly and respect people who eat meat,
    the main idea of this article is give you the opportunity to
    think about your diet and how you can change red meat from it for
    other kinds of food.

    see you later aligator 🙂

  4. I don’t think that asfixia is a very nice death, do you?

    In my opinion killing animals to eat it’s perfectly right, because humans are not naturally vegetarians. We are not vegetarians (cows are) as we are not able to fly (birds can). There are some special cases, as we can fly using a plane or we can only eat vegetables in some specific cases.

    I only think it’s a good idea to become vegetarian if you have some health problem like cholesterol or somehing like that.

    I don’t pretend to force anyone to eat meat, but I think that to have a balanced diet you have to eat some.

  5. adcde: You should watch a video in which they show how japanese people hunt for dolphins, it´s absolutely brutal and disgusting 😦

    “See you later aligator”

    In a while, crocodile 😛

  6. I don’t agree with you, M. Wolf. The human being is omnivorous, it doesn’t mean that he must eat anything to live but he can choose among different kind of diets. So he has the opportunity to follow a vegetarian diet, like cows; a carnivorous diet, like wolves (sorry for the joke); or both of then.

  7. You should watch a documentary from “documentos TV” about these type of diets.

    It explains the differents points of view, vegetarians, carnivore, macrobiotic, etc. The best and worst od our diet.

    Being a vegetarian isn’t the best option, because you must eat proteins for you muscles.

    It’s true that, in any case, animals’ treatements is demeaning, like chicken farm, captive breeding…

    But, Iberian pigs reared the dees isn’t rich?

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