Motion for debate: Social abortion is morally wrong

Motion presented by Claudia González

Some people think that abortion is always wrong. Some think that abortion is right when the mother’s life is at risk. Others think that there is a range of circumstances in which abortion is morally acceptable.

Abortion is legal under certain circuntances in some societies:

  • abortion for the sake of the mother’s health, including her mental health;
  • abortion where a pregnancy is the result of a crime (like rape, incest, or child abuse);
  • abortion where the child of the pregnancy would have an ‘ unacceptable quality of life’ such as cases where the child would have serious physical handicaps, serious genetic problems, or  serious mental defects;
  • abortion for social reasons, including poverty, the mother unable to cope with a child (or another child), or the mother being too young to cope with a child;
  • abortion as a matter of government policy: as a way of regulating population size; as a way of regulating groups within a population or as a way of improving the population;

In Spain, abortions are allowed to avoid serious risks to physical or mental health of the woman within the first 12 weeks. If the pregnancy is a result of rape, the rape must first be reported to the police and the procedure carried out within 12 weeks of pregnancy.

In case of foetal impairment, two specialists, other than the doctor performing the abortion, must certify that the child would suffer from severe physical or mental defects. The procedure must be performed within the first 22 weeks.

In any case, all abortions in Spain must be reported to the national health authorities.

I’m in favour of abortion only for the sake of the mother’s health, in case of a crime result or even if the child would have serious mental, physical or genetic problems but  I’m a bit reluctant to accept social abortion.

What do you think about this? Should be abortion always aceptable? Only in some cases?

Read this article about one particularly controversial case of abortion.


15 thoughts on “Motion for debate: Social abortion is morally wrong

  1. Hello.
    I don’t like the idea at all.
    However, abortion might be necessary in some cases.
    I think prevention of undesired pregnancy is far more better. Society should educate citizens on how to avoid this kind of problems by informing on the different kinds of contraceptive methods and cheking somehow that people got the message right and at a prior to fertile age.
    I’m strongly against the day-after-pill.
    On the other hand, once society has done EVERYTHING to educate people PROPERLY on this matter, it should be a personal choice because in fact that’s exactly what it is, I mean someone who’s willing to have or perform an abortion will do it anyway, and it would be better for society it was done in the best possible conditions.
    Another point to consider is that new born babies can be adopted by other people.
    And of course there are cases in which abortion is absolutely UNAVOIDABLE and necessary.
    But that’s not the case of social abortion, I understand- maybe I’m wrong- social abortion is to include abortion as something which has no importance at all, and that’s wrong from my point of view, because it is the life of a defenceless, innocent human being what it deals with.

  2. Well, abortion is a complicated subject to debate and it is on the news every single day. I think that on those circunstances it is totally aceptable and sometimes necessary, but I think that in this debate is very important your phylosophical ideas or your religious ideas, because this is not just about aborting, it is about life.
    Maybe I am a bit drastic in this aspect, but I firmly belief that an organism is alive when it can live by itself (talking about breathing and being able to eat and all that stuff).
    An organism is alive when it is an independent entity and a fetus is not in this case. If you consider it an alive being, why are you eating eggs, which are not very different from human fetus?
    If you think “No, but an egg is from an animal”, what are you more than an animal? More evolutionated but humans are just another animal species and nothing gives us the right of superimposing our vital rights to the same rights of other animals.
    To conclude in a few words, hard but effective (because sometimes the truth hurts like a punch): Fetus are not alive and they are absolutely not a child or a human. Easy but maybe not nice.

  3. quaver1969:

    I agree with you about the fact that education goes first, and prevention is also very important to prevent this kind of situations, but I really can´t find any negative consecuences in voluntary abortion… I mean, I don´t think that a fetus is a human being, at least not until several months, so stopping it from growing and becoming a baby is not like if we were killing someone :$

    Besides… an unwanted baby is bound to cause problems to its (negligent) parents and might end abandoned or having a miserable existence. If that´s what that new life is gonna suffer I rather to avoid that at any cost 😦

  4. Hello.
    I think I have already explained, but I’ll summarize the idea.
    Abortion must be legal, but the least of solutions in order not to have unwanted babies.
    And of course foetuses are life forms, though they are not independant, but will be if they are allowed to develop.
    In my opinion there is something negative about killing other beings, even other life forms.
    And to conclude, to think about abortion as if you were cutting your nails can’t be a good thing, so let’s be responsible.

  5. Jimmytrius:

    I totally agree with you about the idea of a foetus is not a human being until at least 12 weeks. So I accept the abortion within this time.
    But as you have perfectly said, an unwanted baby will probably be doomed to a miserable existence so, what I think is that the best option in this case is not to abort but to give up the children to adoption.
    There are many couples anxious for adopting a baby or a child so if a mother doesn’t want her newborn, what would be better for the child: being given up for adotion or having a miserable life?

  6. quaver1969: Foetuses can be considered life-forms after a certain amount of time, of course, but not from the very beginning… if you consider 3-week foetuses as a “life-form” I´m afraid to tell you that you are killing lots of life-forms every day without noticing… no, for me it´s a “prototype of life-form”, nothing more important than a spermatozoid or a bacteria :$

    That´s why I think that abortion should be made as sooner as possible when the woman is completely sure that she doesn´t want to have that baby, because in those moments that foetus is NOTHING 😦


    Yes, giving the baby in adoption is better than letting him/her having a painful, miserable life, but I´ve just said that abortion is better than bringing an unwanted baby to a life of suffering. I mean, it´s OK if you know for certain that the baby is going to have a home, but things are not so simple as they sound and the most probable think is to have problems with this 😦

    Besides, the world is a bit overcrowded if you ask me :$

  7. I go along with the motion. I’m in favour of abortion only in some cases: heath’s problems or a pregnancy as a result of a rape.
    As quaver1969 says, prevention is far better. All people should have enough information about contraceptive devices, above all young people.
    Mr. Wolf, a foetus can’t survive by itself, but when a woman is pregnant of eight months for example, the baby can’t either, so it is not a good argument. And I can’t see your point when you say that we are, more or less, like animals. I eat eggs but I don’t eat human flesh… I feel more than an animal because we (humans) are rational.
    To sum up, I don’t agree with social abortion. I think if law allowed voluntary abortion, it would become in a contraceptive device for many women. This is what people have made with the day-after-pill. If you go over the statistics, it seems that people use it instead of preventing. Abortion is too serious to make light of it.

  8. It´s true, there are lots of couples desiring adopting a baby and, in our country, it is too difficult so they have to go abroad. I know a spanish couple who received a spanish newborn baby, but after waiting for years and passing hard moments. Of course, the boy is absolutely beauty and healthy, and the whole family is delighted with him. They don´t know anything at all about his biologhical mother, but, if you are a normal person: how hard can it be to move away from your baby? A mother without resources would give her son all the love in the earth, which is more important than money and material things.
    On the other hand, I know some other children who have born in problem families and, I´m sadly sure, they will be problematic person.
    I am in favour of abortion, but not indiscriminate one, always with responsability sense; and this responsability should come from upbringing. Also understanding than we are human, all we have mistakes but these mistakes shouldn´t determine the rest of our lifes, above all if we are sure and if we can avoid them.

    I am in favour of aborting

  9. Hi!
    This is a quite difficult topic to speak about, but I’ll try to explain what my opinion is.
    I think I agree more or less with all the legal reasons except the last one, the government policy mustn’t be the one who decide for us, the only ones who can decide about it, are parents, and sometimes only women.
    Talking about responsibilities to prevent that kind of situations, do you think we need an extra subject? From my point of view yes, that’s necessary, because today the idea of talking about sex and consequences, are still a taboo for society.
    As I see it, abortion must be legal, and, as I’ve said before, the ones who have the responsibility to decide are parents. Sometimes is better an abortion than find abandoned children or ones who live in bad conditions with parents that don’t want them. So is it morally wrong? I think it depends on the person.
    Have you seen the new advertisement to stop abortion? I saw it that morning but it doesn’t tell the real true, I mean, in the picture appears a baby and a little lynx, making a comparison between the one who is legal protected and the one who is not! But if you think about it, you will realise that the abortion is about a baby who hasn’t born yet! What’s your opinion about it?
    See you!

  10. clausaymara:
    I could say I totally agree with you, but I’m afraid I have a little disagreement: We live in an overpopulated world; there are too many children with a miserable life and I think they are enough to be adopted for anxious couples. Moreover, and from my point of view, the amount of children with a miserable life is bigger that all the anxious couples in the world. We don’t need more unwanted babies.
    Apart of this I think your argumentation is correct.

  11. Virginia: That advertisement is just horrible, the people behind that kind of propaganda is certainly nuts to put such a bad example 😦

  12. Unbeliever:
    I think your opinion is a bit cruel. It’s horrible to say that abortion should be always allowed just because there are too many babies in the world. Babies are not just something that needs care, cries and maybe, in your case, annoys you, they are also people, the same as you, and wether, as you said, we live in an overpopulated world or not they have the same right to live as you.

  13. sam_ov: “they have the same right to live as you”. Of course; that’s the reason because they deserve to be adopted.
    pink : “People who life there can’t afford to abort…”. Of course; that’s the reason because they deserve to be adopted by a couple who can afford it.

    In my last post, I was giving my opinion in relation to clausaymara’s post. I think you need to read both argumentations to understand the whole idea. Please, try it again because I’m not sure if you have understood me.

  14. Unbeliever: “the amount of children with a miserable life is bigger that all the anxious couples in the world. We don’t need more unwanted babies”, so you think poor people shouldn’t have so many babies. And I answered you: poor people can’t afford to abort…

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