Motion for Debate: Women are better off outside marriage

Presented by Virginia Gómez

Researches suggest that women who have a strained marriage are more likely to have healthy risks. Instead, men seem to be immune to this kind of psychological facts. So, should women be divorced or alone the rest of their lives?

The consequences of being involved in a tense marriage are different if we talk about women or men. But what’s the meaning of a tense marriage? We can say that the most proper definition is a marriage in which both parts are constantly arguing and angry. The evidences, based on 276 couples, have shown that if we talk about unhappy wives, they are more likely to suffer from heart disease, stroke, diabetes, depression or other psychological damages to their health, like a consequence of their problems being married. Meanwhile, husbands are relatively immune from this situation. They can also feel depressed but it doesn’t affect their healthy life.

Some eminent professionals involved in that investigation have given their opinion about it. Nancy Henry, the researcher, said that “we are learning a lot about how relationship factors and emotional distress are related to heart disease”. Tim Smith, co-researcher, said that we can’t be sure that the better quality of your marriage you have, the lower risk of heart disease you suffer, but it’s only a possibility. He also includes a piece of advice to make us be aware of these risks; you know a stitch in time saves nine. And Christine Northam, a counsellor for the charity Relate, supports that people in a stable and happy relationship enjoyed both good health and a longer life expectancy, and states: “gender difference could be partly due to the fact that women’s hormonal profile is more complex than men” and ” women also tend to worry more about their health than men”.

So women from all over the world, what’s going on? Better alone than poorly accompanied? That’s the question. Do you feel unhappy? If the answer is yes, make a list of pros and cons, right now, and then decide, your health is on stake.

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9 thoughts on “Motion for Debate: Women are better off outside marriage

  1. Women are more sensitive than men. I’m not saying men are insensitive, but they are colder in sense of using more their head than their heart.

    The issue is that people, who get used to live with another person, have more problems to become accustomed to come back to live alone when they split up their relationships.
    The perfect situation to me would be to have a couple, but keeping your autonomy

    My advice is: If you are unhappy with your relationship leave it! You can achieve a pleasing life on your own.

  2. The problem comes when the people decides to marry a person without thinking in what that really consists… for me the single idea of living the rest of my life “attached” to other person is stressing, it´s like deciding the rest of your life and putting limits to your freedom… not necesarily talking about relations with other people, but… I don´t know, is like signing an unbreakable contract… no, I will never get married unless I´m 100% positive about my choice, and that´s quite difficult XD

    Divorce it´s the best proof of a marriage which has not been well meditated by the cople. In other words, a wrong choice, and it shouldn’t even exist :$

    Oh, yes, and about this…

    ivy2008ivy2008 said: “Women are more sensitive than men”

    ivy2008: That´s not always true, as not all men are the same, and the same goes for women of course 😉

  3. According to 2006 data from the “Instituto Nacional de la Seguridad social –INSS” in Albacete, 17.423 were widows meanwhile 709 were widowers. Yes !!!4%!!! the men formed 4%. Furthermore I wouldn’t say the widows had enjoyed a lot in their marriages or that they have all had happy marriages. Every reader who takes a look around their families will find mothers and grandmothers but fathers and grandfathers? So I disagree with the motion and I would suggest instead: Women and men are better off outside an unhealthy marriages.

  4. Let’s stop to speak about psychological differences between men and women! All of us operate in the same way. All of us need affection and sympathy. All of us have an equal dependency. And all of us suffer equally from difficulties.

  5. ivy2008: I don´t think so, because that would imply that every woman thinks in the same way, and I believe that our personality and ideology is not determined by our gender at all 😉

    Anyway, this is not what we are meant to discuss XD

  6. I completely agree with jfelixflov7g when he says “Women and men are better off outside an unhealthy marriage”. I think if a woman (and a man of course) finds a person who loves and respects her/him, they’ll have a better life, so the problem is not to marry, the problem is who!

  7. Livingstone, all of us don’t operate in the same way fortunately!though it doesn’t depend on the sex, it depends on the person

  8. I totally agree that women are better alone poorly accompanied but, from my point of view, this is not only related to husbands.
    Women are, usually, more sensitive than men so when they have a problem it really affects them, but it affects them more or less the same way if the problem is related to their husbands or to their friends

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