Motion for debate: It is not worth studying for a degree nowadays

Presented by Pink

Most parents want their children to study a degree because University studies are well considered in our society. It is believed you are more intelligent or you will be successful if you get a degree.

Sadly, you spend years of your life studying and finally things do not turn out as you expected. You find yourself working as a grant holder earning 600 €, even though you have passed your exams with flying colours. You should even be grateful for having a job.

There are also people who are lucky and get a job as soon as they finish their studies (yes, “lucky”, because to my mind, luck is often more important than the effort you make). I am going to tell the example of a friend. He studied engineering year by year and he has been working since he finished his degree. Although he is developing a successful career and earning a high salary, in his opinion it is not enough to compensate the responsibility he has to take. He is living in a tiny flat (paying a high rent) in a big city where he is alone, no family, no friends… He often has to travel and he never knows where he will be the next day. He works more than 8 hours per day because of the amount of work he has. As you can imagine, the stress is a part of his daily life. He says if he could go back to the past, he would not have studied a degree.

On the other hand, many young people take a short cut studying a vocational course. In 2 years, even one in some cases, they learn enough to start to work. They get a job faster and their jobs are well-paid.

Anyway, middle-age people often say that young people should not let things get on top of them because they have an easier life than they had. It is also thought that you realise it is worth studying a degree when time goes by.

The situation of the work market is bitterly disappointing for young people, so my question is: is it worth studying a degree currently? What do you think?

I have found this article about this topic.

13 thoughts on “Motion for debate: It is not worth studying for a degree nowadays

  1. Hello.
    That question filled my head for a long time.
    I came to a conclusion: we should do anything we do in life for the sake of it. That is to say, if you like some subject study it if you don’t don’t study it.
    There are a lot of vocational courses we can do instead of studying a degree.
    The most important thing is to be happy, comfortable and amused, because…
    What if we don’t get it after all the effort?
    Besides there is a big chance that we end up working in jobs that got nothing to do with what we are preparing for.

  2. I don´t agree with your motion!!
    I think that people use to think that it´s not worthing stuyding a degree nowadays because people think that if you study a degree you will have all done and I don´t think so. Ok, I agree that young people salaries aren´t high nowadays, but I see that it´s because you are learning new things and adapting a new way of life!! I think that, apart of studying a degree, people should learn more things like different languages, communication skills and so on…
    With all that stuff, in the future your salary will be better (I´m secure of saying it) and don´t leave if you don´t get a job in your city, you have to get risks and going to the “big cities” where there are a lot more possibilities to work in different fields and more possibilities to be promoted!!
    My motion is: It is absolutely worthing studying a degree nowadays (But with only a degree it´s not worthing, you must learn all you´re able to).

  3. In my opinion, it’s important to study because it gives you some knowledge which provides you with security. It can help you to face unknown situations, to relate to people in all type of atmospheres.

    Despite the fact that I’m pleased to have studied a degree, now I am aware of having qualifications isn’t going to ensure me a job. On the contrary, I ‘m sure if I had studied a course I would have a well-paid job now.

    To my concern, studying a degree means to make a big effort. Firstly, you have to spend a great deal of money paying University lessons. Secondly, you have to support your qualifications with further education. Finally, you might have to work abroad, or work here with a grant of around 500€ per month. Maybe, if you are a lucky person, you can have a steady job in your thirties.

    For all this reason, I agree with quaver1969, you should study what you want, but not to have a standard of living, or to earn money. Unless to achieve your personal satisfaction.

  4. In my opinion, studying a degree opens up more possibilities to find a good job. Although a person who has studied a degree can feel frustrated at first, I think the more work experience you get, the easier your career gets off the ground. It’s worthy studying a degree, at least I hope so!!

  5. Degree or not
    Upon reading the comments made by Pink, Quaver1969, OGL and Ivi2008, I’ve thought that in this life we can find everything. All of us have met people who have studied a degree only to work in something totally unrelated. I know a girl who has two degrees and is still waiting for a job as a public servant. On the other hand, I know some people with no university studies who have a good job because they have passed the exam to enter the public service, and others without degree who hold high rank positions and play outstanding roles in the companies where they work.
    In terms of money, the above-mentioned examples show that higher education does not always involves higher salaries, because you can earn more money by running a bar which is always full than with other endeavours. Nonetheless, in my opinion, it is still better to study and acquire as much knowledge as possible and then try to attain your cream job.

  6. I believe nothing is absolutely worth doing, neither to study for a university degree nor any other type of degree. Maybe the only think absolutely worthwhile could be to study or prepare yourself for what you love or want to do independently if it is a university degree or not.
    I’m a middleaged person who thinks young people don’t have an easier life than I had, neither easier and nor harder . I believe every historical period has its difficulties and its happiness and the human being has enough intelligence or creativity to discover or try to find their own happiness. So believe me you must study or do what you want or love to do, without thinking in well paid salaries, parents advises, etc…., that´s the key.

  7. Pink:
    After reading your comments I realised that a good job is a well-paid job to you. Obviously, everybody works to live. To my concern, a good job should give you personal satisfaction, in terms of money, timetables, location and personal fulfilment. Nowadays, a degree can’t provide you with this. What I’ve said former, only lucky people will achieve a successful career. It’s sad to say it but it’s the truth.

    I agree with selma, the best option is to be a government employee.

  8. Ivy2008, a good job for me is a well-paid job of course.
    If people had enough money, they would not work, even though they had the job of his dreams. Working is not a pleasure, it is an obligation because everyone has to pay their bills!

  9. What a phylosophical coment jfelixflov7g, but sadly it is not often possible to do what we want or like in life. I am sure you would not like that your son told you: “Dad, I have decided to drop out of my studies to become in a painter because I have realised this is what I really like.” Come on, you know he is not Picasso and it is really hard to survive painting. It is a hobbie, no a job. However, if he told you: “Dad, I am going to study medicine”, you would be proud of him, don’t you?

  10. It’s very beautiful listening to people saying “do what you want to do it’s the better option” but being down-to-earth “you can’t live from air”.
    What I mean is that, for instance, a person who insisted on study a vocational artistic degree as journalism or arts would think “oh I’m very happy, it’s my dream!” but then, in the labour market will fail unless he or she had been the best, had very good luck or a very good contact.
    I don’t agree with the idea of close one’s mind, I mean, education and training in much than one field is essential for everything, and how much you know, much possibilities you will have. And eventually, that person of my example probably will be able to achieve a job related to his o her personal interest, but with other degree.
    Of course, I’m not saying that artistic degrees will be blotted out! (I love them too) but I’m saying that they are “reserved” for some genius or people who has very clear ideas of their abilities.
    Finally, even studying a degree opens up more possibilities and Government says that it’s better for young people to study a degree, many companies are claiming for labour force, operators… so if there are young people that don’t want to study because they simply don’t like it or don’t want, in this circumstances, I think they should do a vocational course, because will be easier and faster for them to find a job.

  11. I totally agree with the motion.

    I have studied a degree and in my job I am the employee who earns less money and , of course, I am the only one who has a degree!

    Moreover, I have been paying expensive University taxes for years while the rest of the people were working. So now they don’t have a degree but they have more money than me.

  12. please, please, maybe I didn’t explain very well o maybe you have understand what you want to. When I say “you must study or do what you want or love to do” it seems clair that you must study or do ( to prepare you in a proffesion, to work, etc) what you want…..

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