The Bloodshed

by quaver1969

When she woke up she found herself lying on the damp floor of a cave. She had got there the previous night running away from that scenary she had seen.

There was blood all over the place. Furniture was in a mess and there was broken glass on the floor. She had slipped on a blood pool and now was covered in blood.

She got to the cave by chance. Bewildered and exhausted she managed to light a bonfire by gathering scattered pieces of dry wood which were all over the cave. Then she curled up by the fire and fell asleep.

The flames had gone down and the cold of a freezy wintery morning had clutched her to the bone. She shivered.

She stood up and went back to the place.

She was surprised not to find any evidence of the bloodshed. No blood, no broken glass, no mess. Everything clean and tidy. No police and, most weird of all, nobody.

Her clothes were still covered in blood, so it could not have been a delusion.

Suddenly a door opened and two men entered and walked towards her. She startled and stared at them.They grabbed her by the arms. Dumbfounded in amazement, she shook trying to get rid of them.

She jerked awake. She felt uneasy, but relieved.

It all had been a nightmare.

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