Motions for Debate: Was Jade Goody a reality show herself?

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The reality show “Big Brother” has become extremely popular in a great deal of countries. During the last years it has released hundreds of anonymous people to fame. One of the most controversial contestants was Jade Goody, who took part in the british version of this program in 2002.

Her hard childhood, with a drug addict and pimp father, her extreme personal situation, sentenced to jail for not paying the rent, and her argument with another contestant, the Indian actress Shilpa Shetty, made her highly well-known.

After her appearance on TV, she earned millions of euros writing her autobiography and making her own perfume. In 2007 she took part in “Big Boss”, the Indian version of “Big Brother”. The aim was to make a public apology for her racist insults to Shilpa Shetty. It was there, in front of the cameras, where she was informed about having been diagnosed with cancer. After that, she has been selling her disease through interviews, photographs, etc.

Nowadays, she has announced on TV that she is going to die. This fact has deeply moved British society. Even the Secretary of State for Justice, Jack Straw, has helped her to get married releasing her boyfriend from prison. Last week, she was said to be going to sell her memories, the baptism of her sons and her own death on TV.

She explained that she was doing all of that to make money for her two sons. In contrast to that, many people believe that she’d already got a big fortune,  € 3.7 million  before her illness. They think she was doing it because she loved appearing on TV.

What do you think about that? Was it immoral for her to sell her death? Would you like to watch it? And what about the Justice Minister, do you agree with the release of her boyfriend?

Update: Read the Guardian coverage of Jade Goody’s story after her death and an opinion article in the same newspaper.

You can find the point of view of the gossip magazine OK here.

14 thoughts on “Motions for Debate: Was Jade Goody a reality show herself?

  1. Well, as I see it, the poor girl just wants to receive attention, it could be a phycological illness, I don´t know, or she might just like being always surrounded by people. She is the tipical girl who has no sense of shame, even she when her children grow up, sure they will feel embarrassed for all what their mother is doing in order to earn money for them. If my mother did a thing like that, I wouldn’t talk to her or even meet her no more.
    Talking about the Secretary of State for Justice: is he mental? He has released a man who might be a terrorist or a F****** rapist! And why? To help a woman who can be telling a lie, and another, and another! What was he thinking about?
    I absolutely don’t agree with all what that girl is doing, and I’m also against those reality shows, I fail to comperhend the reason why there are people who watch them!

  2. Hello.
    I don’t like TV very much -I think I already told you in some previous comments.
    I haven’t seen any of “Big Brother” editions in Spain, I think I only endured five minutes paying attention to that sort of programmes, I mean reality shows.
    However, I think that as long as this story is a true story and not a fake one made by media to make loads of money and the woman is willing to sell whatever she wants to sell, it’s OK for me.
    Another point to consider is if it is moral for you to watch. I don’t like bullfights, so I don’t watch them. And I don’t want to see nobody dying in real life or really dying on TV.
    On the other hand I don’t think it’s fair to release people from jail due to mass media pressure.
    Anyway, I don’t know much about this case and I don’t usually make a decision on any subject, let alone talk or write about it without knowing the case in extent.
    So I think the only thing I can say for sure is that I don’t like it.

  3. Jade Goody doesn’t distinguish between private and public life. This is a common problem among the celebrities. She has built her own identity above the character that has given her the fame: the image she has shown about herself is better that the image she has about her past.
    It’s not a moral matter. The rules of the society are now the rules of the market where every thig can be sold even the death. The worst is the Justice Minister’s action, this is, when the politicians do selfish policy with cases like Jade’s personal case.

  4. I watched this piece of new on TV last day and I wasn’t surprise about it, it is only one of the logical consequences of this kind of programmes. After that the main objective is to increase the audience ratings and it is obvious that the more controversial the situation is, the more rentable the programme turns out.
    The problem is that this controversy in the reality programmes means that the contestants must be willing to forget one of their basic principles as dignity. On the contrary, rudeness, bad manners and vulgarity seems to be indispensable conditions to be a contestant.
    In my opinion this kind of programmes can not be support by state organisms. In this contest the Secretary of State is only reinforcing this ridiculous and immoral behaviour. These words can show a total lack of compassion about the dramatic situation of this woman. Far from that I only want to express that principles are more important that money.

  5. In my opinion, isn’t immoral what Jade is doing. I can understand her perfectly: She knows she is going to die and she wants to solve her children’s future. That’s absolutely normal in the human being.
    What is really immoral is to deal with this kind o things: It’s immoral for the Reality Show, for her publicist and for the rest of TV programs that make hypocritical debates about this because all of them are earning money with somebody’s illness.
    About people who watch this program, I can’t understand why a normal person with a normal mind can enjoy with something like this.

  6. Maybe she is telling the truth and she is only trying to make money for her children. They will live without a family and they will need money for living alone.

    In my opinion it is not inmoral for her to sell her death, but I think that it is a huge inmorality to buy someone’s dead.

    So you have to think if we must judge her or we must judge the tv’s and magazines which pay for this kind of situations.

  7. What is more immoral: the woman who sells her own death or the channel that buys it? The reason why Jade as in that way is due to a big industry which is feeding this behaviour (and many more) in orden to ear a lot of money.
    I respected these programmes at the beginning, as a social and sociological invention. But, in my opinion, they have reached high levels of saturation and vulgarity a long time ago. Every channel here and worldwide has a reality show, the ex-competitors are well paid working as “journalists” and people look forward to joining it. Fortunately, not everybody is like that; it´s closely related with the social and educational status.
    It is so hard and sad the death… why do people want to see the last days of a person on tv?? Is it for forgeting the own sorrows, isn´t it?
    Jade is the result of the show business, and she loves it. The excuse of getting money for her children is only the “perfect” reason for appearing on tv until the end. As Livingston has said, it would be more important to leave good principles to her children, but she doesn´t have good ones, so it seems. With that mother and a convict father, the children will be future fans of that way of life.

  8. I refuse to see this kind of videos or programs but I knew about this tragic (and a bit ridiculous?) history last weekend at the newspaper. Jade Goody seems to be an unlike girl without education, culture or any moral principles and I supose she is desperate and profiting her last opportunitiy to get money for her kids: I couldn’t critized her behaviour from my totally different situation and personal values.
    In my opinion, real inmorality is in the position of the spectators , enjoying their free time with the misery and troubles of all kind of people, in order to feeling better with their ordinary lives. Finally, I think that the Minister of Justice should employ his influence in a better (and less mediatic) way.

  9. Nowadays you can know the life of common people, watching the “telly”.
    Always, at every time, in every channel, somebody is talking about his life, or is criticising his neighbourhood’s life.

    I can’t understand how interesting the other’s life is. Everyone ought to answer his own questions. Showing feelings, using strategy or estranges actions to improve your popularity, is like to be in a huge scenery, and every body could criticise or give an opinion about you.

    On the other hand, if the famous television stars suffer certain situation like Jade’s disease, is useful to avoid cancer. The spectators went to the doctor to check their health. In this case, the program was useful despite the fact that I consider completely rubbish all of these programs, and I hate them

  10. I´m very fed up for all those people who say they never watch Big Brother or “La Noria” or programs like that. Everybody have seen this type of programs at any moment of their lifes.
    The problem with Jade Goody case is that people are very inocent and they believe everything they watch on TV, and this “girl” is very rich because she is living off other people.
    In my opinion she is behaving well, if we watch the television and we feel pity for this kinds of things is our problem. I don´t feel pity for a person who don´t deserve respect (she didn´t feel pity or respect for the Indian girl in Big Brother). I just don´t pay attention to these foolish things.

  11. Hello.
    I have the song for this post!
    Listen, it’s a good song from 1980.
    And it’s related.
    I wonder if Phil Collins sees Big Brother.
    And I wonder what would George Orwell do.


  12. When I read this story I felt horrified. I agree with Tania, everybody has ever seen this type of programs. However, I believe these TV shows should be entertaining and humoristic. As MBM says, the viewers who enjoy to watch the misery of this girl are really immoral.

    On the other hand, I don´t agree with unbeliever, Jade is not selling her disease to solve her children’s future. She had already got a big fortune before. I support the Inma Rodriguez’s theory, Jade Goody doesn’t distinguish between private and public life. She is herself a character.

    Finally, the intervention of The Government is the most surprising issue. As livingstone says, this kind of concerns should not be support by state organisms.

    Quaver1969, thanks for the song 🙂

  13. I don’t like the idea of watching on TV step by step how a woman is going to die. I think there are many people suffering from this kind of disease and it shouldn’t be a show because it’s a very serious problem. She has earned enough money for their children before, so it’s not necessary to sell these bad moments.
    Anyway, if a TV company pays this amount of money, it’s because it is sure the last days of Jade will be seen for millions of people. When their children grow up, they will not be proud of their mother’s behaviour.

  14. I want to introduce a new question, what about the Jade´s husband?did he marry Jade for loving her or for her fortune??

    In my opinion, all this story is a farce. If he really loves her he should be next to her. He should support her, without wasting her money. He is a big opportunist.

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