Book review: Stealing Heaven

by Silvia Álvarez

“My name is Danielle. I’m eighteen. I’ve been stealing things as long as I can remember.” These three sentences on the inside of the cover flap of the book introduce the readers to the story of Danielle, the main character of the book. Danielle only knows one way of living. She’s never been to school, she’s never had a job, no friends, no boyfriend, she has even never had a real name . She and her mother move from town to town, stealing silver from rich people houses. That’s the only thing she has done in her life. However, when she and her mother move to the coastal town of Heaven everything changes, she has friends and she fancies a boy. She is fed up of lying to people she loves and she doesn’t want to move to another town anymore. For the first time in her life Dani misses having a normal teenager life, and she starts considering forgetting her past as a criminal to start a completely new life, although this would be very hard for her, and for her mother.

I personally found Dani’s story very interesting. The writer really lets you get into the mind of the main character and, although her situation is unique, at the end you can feel identified with Dani somehow. From my point of view this is a highly recommended book if you want a quick, funny and captivating read.

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