Motion for Debate: The Internet is not such a great invention after all

Your photographs and videos published without your consent and visible for the whole world; your credit cards stolen; your identity suplanted; schools spending their budget on machines that break down or that become old-fashioned almost immediately. Why do people insist that the Internet is one of the best inventions in modern history?

The latest episode of controversy appeared on the world media when the well-know social network Facebook announced that they had changed the terms of use in their accounts and that from that moment all personal data, photographs and videos uploaded to their platform belonged to THEM. Even after you delete your account your personal information would remain uploaded in their servers. The uproar has been so widespread that they had to back down.

Read about the case in this article from the Daily Telegraph. And if you are not careful you can even have problems at work, like the British young woman who lost her job because she said that her job was boring on Facebook. Read the article.

This other article in The Guardian warns about the dangers of social networks for young people: “Social network sites risk infantilising the mid-21st century mind, leaving it characterised by short attention spans, sensationalism, inability to empathise and a shaky sense of identity, according to a leading neuroscientist.”

12 thoughts on “Motion for Debate: The Internet is not such a great invention after all

  1. Hello. I’m writing with my ipod. Definetely to use Internet is a great invention. The point is we have total be careful with it. It would be adviceable to create different accounts for each group of people. Family, friends, bussineses, and so on, not only with Facebook, but also with email accounts. Another thing to consider is that hoy don’t have to give true details nor too many either. So in my opinion it’s not so dangerous. On the contents… Every time you get something published anywhere you must be aware you lose property and control on it less you make a private contract on the issue and hence it could be seen by everybody. An additional risk are search engines. To conclude if we are careful nothing bad will happen.

  2. OH MY CAT!
    That’s incredible!!!
    What would be next???

    Only if we are responsbile with the personal information we publish on the internet we’ll be save. We’ve to take into consideration that Facebook, Tuenti… are a kind of window shop and we shouldn’t show our whole private life.

    Internet is really frightening!!!

  3. Internet has been a wonderful invention!!!!!!!

    This creation has had a great impact not only in our work but also in our free time. Millions of people have now the opportunity to access to a large amount of information in seconds; we can chat, talk and see people in any place of the world in real time, something absolutely unthinkable ten years ago!

    But any invention has its pros and cons, so Internet has a great number of disadvantages: frauds, identities supplanted, blackmail, easy access to adult webs, addition…
    In my opinion, some problems and disadvantages can be sort out if children and people have a good education in Internet browsing.
    Surfing in internet is very useful but only for those who know how to do it, and what is more important, only for those who can distinguish good information from garbage information: misinformation could be very dangerous!!!!

    This is what has happened with Facebook. Their new term doesn’t mean that your personal information will be spread worldwide. The thing is that if a user deletes his or her account, any comments or messages he or she had left on a friend’s Facebook page would not also disappear; those messages might not be removed by Facebook , but they can be deleted by that friend.
    I must say that users should think twice about signing up to services that ask for a lot of information and read very carefully the terms of privacy before saying: ” I accept”

  4. In my opinion, Internet is very useful for many things: to keep in touch with friends and relatives, it is cheaper to chat than to make a phone call, to work from home, to look up information and so on.

    However you should be very careful in the way you use it. In webs like Facebook or Myspace, for instance, people give too many details about their lives and this could be dangerous, specially for teenagers. It is important to safeguard your privacy. But if you are cautious, you can profit from its advantages and avoid its disadvantages.

  5. Some time ago I was in a ‘cibercentro’ and the computer next to me was being used by two boys. The eldest was sitting on the chair; the youngest that scarcely caught up with the table stared at the screen open-mouthed. I couldn’t avoid gossiping what they are enthusiastically watching on. It was a sort of boxing match where the adversaries were covered in blood while pieces of bloody flesh were falling down from their bodies.
    When I was leaving a couple of mothers were sitting outside. I suppose they are waiting for them in the confident that they were doing their homework
    As far as I am concerned Internet is not a bad invent but we use it in a bad way. It involves a great deal of responsibility. And children are responsibility parents.

  6. Hi!
    If you are worried about your children, relax.
    You can set the whole thing so that they won’t be able to enter certain sites or contents.
    The point is that computers, programmes, sites,… are set so that everybody-without any informatic or ofimatic knowledge- can use them in an easy way. That is to say they are, generally speaking, set so that if you don’t change default settings you might easily get into some kind of undesirable inconvenience.
    In fact it’s not as difficult as it may seem. You only need to read and follow the on-screen instructions.
    Anyway if you don’t use the Internet to buy goods or to enter in your bank accounts, the thing is much less dangerous. You only have to be conscious that information could be available for any hacker entering in your system.
    You can always do a crashcourse or ask some friend who knows about the stuff to give you a hand.
    See you.

  7. Internet is a very important part of our current life, most of things you can imagine can be done on a computer at home, we can’t close the eyes because we are in a technological world and if we don’t use Internet, as the speed our society is developing, in the future we couldn’t manage to do some things.
    The problem, as I see it, is that most people don’t know how to use it, if you don’t want that the photos you put on the net belong to a company is easy, don’t put them there and don’t let other people do that with your image.
    We can use Internet in a safe way doing only things that we are sure that are safe.

  8. Hi!
    In my opinion, Internet is a great invention. It’s said that it could be the most important communication technology.
    That’s true, you can look for information, new friends…to know what is happening in the other side of the world, but, we are using it, well or wrong?
    I will try to explain it.
    Yesterday, I have had a small “problem” with my computer. I don’t know how, but a hacker entered into my PC, and gave me a “present”, some worms and virus. Not buying or entering in bank accounts, assure you to be save from dangerous. I only visit official and “secure” webs, like trabajastur, infojobs, eoi, etc. Unfortunately, I have a issue.

    On the other side, we could discuss about Facebook, Twenty, Myspace, etc. Nowadays, coming into view these pages, could be caused a serious problem, like the British young woman. It’s said that some enterprises don’t sign up employees which photo, email direction or comments are referencing in this type of webs.

    What can I do?
    I ignore if some friends post my photo, or send me an “invitation”, or are talking about me. Must I come up to the point to denounce them? Should I sing up an authorization to them for posting the information? Should I apply the data protection act until these limits?

  9. Hello!!

    I think that Internet is a great and useful invention that could be use for everybody to make different kinds of things, like other people had said. But the main problem of that it´s that showing information of your personal life is the most common thing while you are surfing the net because you sing up a service or buy something and everybody think that it´s “safe”.
    However, that in the real life there are always some persons who try to steal information to use it in their own benefit so there are always some kind of risk.
    Anyway the best way to keep safe your personal life is to avoid doing special things on the net.

  10. Everything may be dangerous if you use it in a bad way. I think Internet is a nifty invention, one of the most useful currently. You can find whatever you want, it makes easier your studies or your job and it is possible to keep in touch with your relatives or your friends around the world. But one important point to consider is the way in which children and teenagers use it. To my mind, parents must take control of their children, trying to show them how to use it.
    Anyway, I do not agree with the motion because Internet is the greatest invention.

  11. I have two accounts in the social networks Facebook and Tuenti. I know the problemes that kind of services have, but at the momnet you click “I accept” you must realice that all the comments, pictures and other informations are being share. What you have to do is to control who is accessing to your web and how use the net with intelligence!

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