Motion for debate: Superstring theory

Posted by quaver1969

Does the universe have more than three dimensions in space?
That’s what Superstring Theory predicts.
In fact, there are more than one Superstring Theory.
I’m not sure -nor are scientists- which one would do.
Here you are an interesting talk made by a physicist, I think it’s easy to understand what he is saying, both because of his accent and his explanation.
It’s worth trying to understand what he is explaining.
I’ll include a link for Wikipedia.

There is some vocabulary you should know such as, space, time, warp and curve, for instance, because I think if you don’t know the words you won’t hear them.
He also talks about quarks and supersymmetry.
You don’t have to be a physicist nor a mathematician to grasp this concept -neither am I.

Speaking personally, I think the answer is yes, there are more than three dimensions.
And an additional dimension in time.
So, what do you think?
There are more than three dimensions in space.

4 thoughts on “Motion for debate: Superstring theory

  1. Hello.
    Are you stiff-scared with the question?
    Ha, ha, ha.
    In fact it’s not so difficult.
    Let’s minimize it.
    A point, in Mathematics, has no dimension at all.
    Ain’t it amazing?
    No lenght, nor height, nor width.
    You need at least two points to have one dimension, a line, length.
    Three for a surface.
    And four for a volume.
    But think about a “big” point, one of those which look like a bug when you draw them on a paper.
    Ha, ha, ha, ha.
    In Geometry it has not dimension!
    I don’t know what is worse!
    Ha, ha, ha, ha.

  2. From an ant’s eyesight the park where his ant hill is placed on seems infinite, so, it is unable to grasp the range of the city, the continent or the planet the park is part of.
    When we speak about dimensions, we refer to the limits the human brain can encompass. When these limits are exceed we call them infinity.
    It is obvious that the infinity is not the same to an ant that it is to Man. The ant’s infinite universe is something finite and easy to understand to Man.
    From my point of view what is infinity to human being may be measured in another different dimension.
    The question is; could that new dimension be within the human brain’s reach? I do not think so, as the same way that the ant will not be able to reach further away from his little plot of land.

  3. Hello.
    The point is we are used to think on space as a three dimensional entity; X, Y, Z coordinate axises.
    But what the Superstring Theory predicts is that there are more than three dimensions in space -and an additional dimension in time.
    So why can’t we see them?
    It is in part a problem of scale, but also has to do with movement, vibrations of superstrings.
    What most of people tend to forget is that even if there were a man who was in posession of all knowledge humanity has on the universe – I mean the living encyclopedia- , he would know nothing comparing with all there is to know to know everything.
    They’re going to make an experiment to try to put a graviton into the -let’s put it this way- anti-universe. It’s frightening, isn’t it?
    They don’t know what might happen.
    Besides, -I have a tendency to see the glass half full, but of poison- can you imagine what could happen if they really discovered how to build a time-machine?
    If they are right, there will be a time-machine sooner or later, and then later would become sooner!
    History would worth nothing, would be changing and changing everytime you wink!
    Like one episode of “Vaca y pollo” or “The Simpsons” or “Back to the future”.
    It’s crazy!
    Ha, ha, ha, ha.
    I hope they never discover how to do that.
    I should have never read 1984!

  4. It´s a very interesting exposition, I wish my physics teachers in high school had been half as good giving speeches as this guy :).

    This has made me realize how important are going to be the CERN experiments with the Large Hadron Collider. No wonder we are hearing so much about it, having physical proof of the string theory would validate years and years of study about the inner workings of the universe.

    The fact that we can´t see or sense the other dimensions with our physical senses it´s not strange. After al,l there are lots of things in the world that we cannot detect, like high-pitched sounds or radiations, without mechanical devices. And these dimensions would be even smaller than quarks!

    Thank you for the video, have you got any good links to other videos about these topics for the common folks? 🙂

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