Book review: Three Men in a Boat

By Ángela Barrero

I chose this novel without the knowledge that it is a required reading in UK. Three Men in a Boat (by Jerome K. Jerome) is more than one hundred years old, but it seems completely modern: its humor, jokes and style make it a perfect book for spending a good time.

The plot tells the story of three friends: George, Harris and J. (the own author, who acts as the narrator), with the inseparable company of Montmorency, his dog. One day, talking about their illnesses (nowadays, they would be said to be suffering from stress) they decide to make a trip in a boat along the river Thames, in Christmas holidays. Each chapter recounts a day of their travel, plenty of incidents, from the previous planning to the end, linking to funny past anecdotes. The skill of the author putting stories together is really amazing, always with an ironic touch.

It is easy to read due to its undated style (already commented) and the short notes, as summary, at the beginnin of all the chapters. The humour brushstrokes will make you laugh during the whole reading . It also makes detailed descriptions of the British landscapes which turns it into a perfect guide of that part of England.

There is no doubt: you have to read it!!


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