Book review: The Big Jump

by Rocío García

The Big Jump is a fuel-injected ride into the heart and mind of Travis Pastrana, the most celebrated freestyle rider in the world and a living legend.

Since he was a child, Travis has been taught to live up to his words: “If you say you are going to do something, do it. That is the only way of getting people’s respect and it helps you to motivate yourself too”. This autobiography shows the life story of a man who breaks his limits (in order to move up and set others), and pushes himself as hard as he can. However, his madness is a big part of his success.

Inside this book you can find his insane jumps: into the Grand Canyon, from a helicopter without a parachute, from a bridge before being three years old… Furthermore, he is the first person who has been able to finish a double backflip (two rotations in the air) in a competition. There are some demonstrations of his new and successful career in rally car racing as well. Incredible? Yes. Impossible? No. For him, there is nothing to fear but his own fearlessness. He accepts no limits, and, in turn, lives a fuller life.
Countless injuries, concussions and other unforeseen factors are summarized in a word: evolution. Travis has been risking his life for it since he was a kid, and this has made him mature at a very early age.

Those awesome stories are a unique chance to live, from the front row, the exciting and travelled life of the sweetest psychopath, so I think you will really enjoy it as I do. The only problem you could find is the amount of specialized vocabulary, so you should have a dictionary near. From my point of view, it is worthwhile reading it.

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