Book review: Book of the Dead

by Giordana

Book of the Dead, by Patricia Cornwell, deals with some different murders and the unusual characteristics in common between them. The main character is Dr. Kay Scarpetta an extremely clever, indomitable and the most fascinating woman I´ve ever imaginated. Scarpetta has been the main character of some Patricia Cornwell´s  books like “Predator”, “Trace” or “The last precint”.

In this book appear different but related suspicious deaths like the murder of a 16-year-old tennis player Drew Martin whose body has been found totally naked and mutilated in Rome. Back in America, the case of a young boy´s body in the mud after having been starved and beaten until death. Two other similar cases, that of a woman´s body found ritualistically murdered in her huge and luxurious big house near the beach and that of a young man from a wealthy family that seems to have committed suicide.

Moreover Kay has to cope with a crazy woman that really hates her, Dr. Marilyn Self that wants to take revenge from Kay and decides to manipulate and hide evidences.
With the help of her colleague and lover Benton Wesley as well as her niece Lucy and her friend Pete Marino, Kay will solve the cases although she will have to cope with a lot of obstacles.

I´ve already read “Unnatural exposure”, “Black notice”, “Body of evidence” and “Postmortem” all of them written by Ms. Cornwell and I was´t able to put any of them down. All her books are  page-turners.

I highly recomend all Patricia´s books, I assure you they will keep you gripped throught heat. I must confess that they are quite difficult to read in English at least that´s what happened to me. In spite of the difficulty you should try to read at least one.”


One thought on “Book review: Book of the Dead

  1. I love Patricia Cornwell’s Kay Scarpetta mysteries, so much so I now have almost the entire collection. I have succeeded in infecting one of my young reading friends with the same fascination 🙂

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