Book review: Anybody Out There?

by Ana Ruiz

Anybody Out There? is the fourth book of the Walsh family series by Marian Keyes. Keyes is no stranger to success as she has written  many best-sellers. The book tells  the story of Anna Walsh and her struggle with the loss of her husband.

Anna Walsh seems to have a perfect life: best job in the world, a gorgeous husband and an apartment in Manhattan. She really doesn’t want to stay longer at her parents’ house in Dublin and she wants to get back to New York as soon as possible, mainly to get back to Aidan. When she finally manages to convince her parents that she doesn’t have multiple fractures anymore, and the only sign of the accident is a big scar across her face, they let her go back to New York. However, when she is finally there, things are not how they used to be. She writes e-mails to Aidan with no reply, she calls him everyday… she’s just trying to figure out why he vanished from the earth. She keeps asking that question to herself over and over again but no one seems to hear.

When you are reading the first part of the book there are so many questions that come to your mind. Where did she injure getself so badly? Why doesn’t Aidan answer? But at the beginning of part two you understand everything. She finally realizes that he is gone, nowhere and forever.

This book has a blend of humor, amazing characters and a great story line. As soon as you get to know Anna you will identify with her immediately, and it will seem as if you have known her for ages. What is stunning is how the writer manages to keep telling the story with this characteristic sense of humor even it is mainly a sad story.
I found the story quite moving, and I assure you that if this book doesn’t make tears fall from your eyes, you are definitely made of stone. So if I had to say a negative thing about this book would be how sad it is and that sometimes you ask yourself why Keyes hasn’t written a happy ending story for Anna. I was so emotionally involved in it.

To sum up, Anybody out there is a total page-turner. I really couldn’t put it down. So I would recommend it to anyone who isn’t afraid of crying a bit and getting into a deep, moving story. Since I read this book, I absolutely adore Marian Keyes. I can’t wait to read the other books about Anna’s sisters. I think she is a great writer who captures perfectly the struggle the main character is going through. This story will get stuck in your head for a long time. Simply unforgettable.

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