Book review: 7th Heaven

by Sergio García

The book tells two different stories, two different cases that astonish the whole city of San Francisco. The first story starts with an unexpected and extremely violent action:  the murder of a wealthy couple in their home. This is the first link to a long chain of murders committed by a couple of serial killer arsonists that keep the police department on alert. At the same time, the police department have to solve another complicated case:  the disappearance of Michael Campion, the son of the former state governor: a boy with a frail health who everybody feels affection for.

Detective Lindsay Boxer has to solve both cases with the help of her workmate Richard Conklin and her three friends, members of Women’s Murder Club.

Unfortunately, the whole story doesn’t keep the same level of interest as in the first chapters. The plot starts to be monotonous and not very interesting. The main subject of the story is the trial about Michael Campion’s disappearance, only interrupted by another murder of another wealthy couple.

So, the novel continues losing intensity without increasing its interest and at the end it is just another detective’s novel: a good start, a quite boring and slow plot and a fast and sudden ending.

In conclusion, the reader wastes his/her time following a monotonous and not very original story, trying to guess the connection between the two cases, and waiting for  “something else”. Unfortunately, that “something else” never comes..

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