Book review: World without end

by Manuel Pérez Tamargo

World without end is a novel written by Ken Follet and the sequel of The Pillars of the Earth. It takes place in a fictional town called Kingsbridge and it tells the stories of a group of people, from peasants to nobles, and shows to us some of the most relevant historical events in the Middle Ages: The Hundred Years’ War and the Black Death.

Using the characters as models, the author shows to us the virtues and the faults of the humans, which is something timeless. He also describes the constant struggle women have fought to get the same rights men have; because one of the main characters, Caris, is a determined woman who knows what she wants and how she can manage to get it.

I think this is a fantastic novel if you like historical books, because it shows you the real life in those ages. It’s quite long, but I think this is not a problem if you are enjoying what you are reading. I also like the way the author describes the characters, because he doesn’t focus the whole attention on the physical aspects, he spends more time describing the psychological ones, doing it in a way that makes you feel as if those characters were real people and you knew them.

In conclusion I think that it’s a fantastic book, just like the first one, and I recommend it to everyone who really likes reading.

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