Film review: The Day the Earth Stood Still

Review by Reina

The Day the Earth stood still The day the Earth stood still is the last film by Scott Derrickson. A remake from a sci-fi film made by Robert Wise in 1951 and adapted from a novel by Harry Bates, the old film obtained a great box office success, and it’s considered one of the greatest classic sci-fi films. Besides, this version showed a story that put the audience on edge, but Scot‘s film is cold and not very believable.

The action starts when a spherical space ship lands in Central Park in New York. Aliens bring a message from human species: ‘If human species continues the same way as up to now, the Earth won’t survive. The Planet would only continue existing if humans disappear.’ Helen’s stepson (Jaden Smith) is the first person who has contact with alien Klatuu (Keanu Reeves). Dr. Grenier (Jon Hamm), who is a NASA officer, hires Helen (Jennifer Connelly) to be part of the scientific team to research aliens. She will try to show Klatuu our “humanity”.

The film is quite boring, even for sci-fi lovers. Klatuu is dull, because he doesn’t understand and meet human race; but, Reeves goes beyond the limit with an inexpressive, cold and boring performance. Moreover, Gort looks like a big Oscar instead of a robot prepared to destroy the World. On the other hand, it has great special effects and location created by computers, which create a dismal and distressing atmosphere.

To conclude, The day the Earth stood still is a film to download free and watch on a Saturday afternoon.

One thought on “Film review: The Day the Earth Stood Still

  1. Some friends of mine were interested in this movie and they asked me to go with them, but i refused…now I see that I were very lucky on this day 😛

    I can´t stand Keanu Reeves, the guy doesn´t have facial expressions at all :-/

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