The Secret History

by Begoña Suárez

the-secret-history-tarttHampden is a New England’s Collage for upper-class people. However, when the penniless boy, Richard Papen arrives from California as a freshman student, he doesn’t have any trouble to get on with a select group of five students, all of them as Richard interested on the ancient Greek’s subject. From that moment he becomes involved in an atmosphere of violence and moral demotion with drugs, spirits, blackmails and murders.

I think the best thing is how the author sinks into the subconscious of characters; especially the cynical, eccentric, gifted, enigmatic students and man to show us their dubious sense of morality. In the same way Donna Tartt describes masterfully the feeling of guilty, remorse and despair that emerges in the second part of the book. It is hard to believe that the story is not actual fact.

I find the novel a bit slow. The language is rich and full of vivid details but complex enough to me. Needless to say that this is not the easiest book I have come across.


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