Film review: Sex in the City

by Beatriz Fernández

After six years on TV, the popular sitcom “Sex and the City” has turned into a film. Its creator, Michael Patrick King, has released this comedy as a continuation of his TV series. The sex life of the main character, the columnist Carrie Bradshaw (played by Sarah Jessica Parker), and her three friends, the old-fashioned, moral and rich Charlotte, the open-minded and sophisticated Samantha, and the determined and independent Miranda, constitute the plot of this movie. These four different and inseparable beautiful New Yorkers are looking for the same concern: “real love”. This search has hooked thousands of viewers during the last six years. Therefore, to know the end of the story is one of the things which has made the film riveting. Besides, the film gives us the opportunity to know the best of the Big Apple; the most glamorous restaurants and places, the most typical foods and drinks. And it shows us the latest fashions; trendy clothes and stunning hair styles of the most important, and expensive designers.

Despite the fact that some people, specially men, believed the screenplay is frivolous, I think the secret of its success is that it’s difficult not to feel identified with some of the stories. You can have a good time watching it, and even if you have never seen the sitcom, you can follow the story easily.


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