A book review: How To Be Good

by Margarita Nogueiro

Do you think you are a good person? And how good can a person be? Katie, the main character, thinks about it in this book. The title, How to be Good, attracted my attention so I decided to read it.

Written by Nick Horny, the story is told by Katie, who is married to David, a man whose  wife describes as a crass and blunt person. He works in a newspaper writing a cynical column. Katie is a woman in her thirties that works as a doctor, so it is her who provides most of the financial support for her family. They have two children, Tom and Molly, but Katie is unhappy with her husband.
One day Katie goes away for a conference and, out of blue, she has an affair with a colleague. From that day, all the certainties of her life are replaced by doubts. Katie thinks about asking David for a divorce.
Meanwhile, David meets a spiritual leader called GoodNews that turns him into a man who is sorry for poor people and wants to improve the world.  He even encourages everyone in the street to take homeless people into their houses. Katie, who had considered herself a good person until that moment, has mixed emotions about her husband’s behaviour and finds that she is the cynic now.

The book is easy to read and the story is sometimes funny, but to be honest, I did not particularly enjoy this book. What I liked least of it was that the story is a bit boring and repetitive. After reading the end I thought:”Is that all?” I hoped it would turn out better at the end but it became worse, without anything interesting.

Anyway, if you are considering whether to read How to be Good, I’d say read it, maybe it will get you thinking.

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