Pick up the phone


I’ve been rummaging through my old vinyls and found this one. I bought it when I was a teenager. I think it’s the first-or the second- record I’ve ever bought, a long play titled “Words” which includes this song.

Many of my old vinyls disappeared misteriously… and I thought this one was missing too, but no! It is still with me!

Anyway, I dont have a pick up, but I have this song recorded in an old tape too.

But the thing is that this old LP was important to me.

Have you still got old vinyls at home?



2 thoughts on “Pick up the phone

  1. Nice topic to talk about!

    I’ve inherited some of my parent’s vinyls, but like your vinyls the ones of my parents disappeared mysteriously 😦 (most of them I suppose are in their old friends houses) but nowadays we still preserve Peter Frampton, Cream, Lou reed…

    What’s more, I’m also a vinyl supporter and I’m always looking for LP versions of my favourite bands.
    I’ve got about twenty Lp’s and 12 inches and about ten 7 inches.
    My favourite vinyls are the colorful ones, I’ve got green, red, pink, yellow, white…MY TREASUREEEE

  2. Hello.
    I have about 60 LPs and maybe 20 singles. All of them of my own, except “Goodby Yellow Brick Road” which belonged to my elder brother, but he gave it to me.
    Ages ago I had maybe 30 more LPs and 30 more singles that vanished in time. I think Stephen Hawkins may be rith with his theory on black holes.
    Ha, ha, ha, ha.
    “Words” was the second record I ever bought, the first one was “Sinceridad” in Spanish by Richard Cocciante, but I lent it to my cousin and she hasn’t returned it to me. Anyway, I have this record in Italian now and I think it’s better.
    Oh my God!
    I’ve just remembered I have a record by José Luis Perales my parents gave me as a gift when I was a little girl, obviously it has endured the years. I remember Jose Luis Perales records were used as a mean for torture in Mortadelo’s comics.
    Ha, ha, ha.
    Fortunately, i don’t have a pick up!
    Ha, ha, ha.
    See you.

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