Book review: The Thirteenth Tale

A review by ivi2008

“The Thirteenth Tale” is a costume drama, which involves us in a mysterious search. Everybody has a past. Nevertheless, this past sometimes turns into an astonishing and fascinating story.

The highly acclaimed writer Vida Winter has always deplored talking about her personal life. She has lived full of secrets and resentment. However, it is time to face reality. What Ms Winter wants is to tell her followers the story of her life. The query is, is she telling the truth?

When Margaret Lea is called by Miss Winter to write her biography, she could not foresee how challenging this luring work is going to be. Margaret will have to use her dexterity as a researcher to discover the shattered and elusive beginnings of Miss Winter´s life. Furthermore, this search will move Margaret’s own feelings.

Writen in an easy style, this gripping best-seller is composed of some tales interwoven as a puzzle, which achieve to involve you emotionally until the unimaginable end. This book hooks you as if you were a real bookworm.

2 thoughts on “Book review: The Thirteenth Tale

  1. I couldn’t finished this book.
    I read until the middle of the book
    but I had to stop reading it because
    I didn’t connect with the plot, nor with
    the characters.

    On one hand, the plot is extremely slow
    but on the other hand I suppose that the end must be
    amazing!(that’s why I tried really hard to read the whole book,
    but finally I couldn’t)

    So,that’s what i want to know, The end reveals all the secret’s of Vida’s life?
    or not?

  2. Absolutely yes!
    The end reveals the unimaginable Vida´s secret. You might have let the book when the best part is going to start. The tales from the beginning to the middle are essential to understand the end. I encourage you to try it again.
    See you!

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