Advice column: Guru of love in trouble


I’ve  always been lucky with women – in fact, I’ve had over 67 girlfriends in my life. Women have never been a mystery for me and I have always received what I expected from them. Actually, my friends keep asking  me how to seduce that girl or another and I’ve always known what advice to give to help them.

Aurora, a  girl of 35 who has been my workmate for over 3 months is now the target of my love. I gave her the best of me: my best smiles, my best jokes, my best conversations… but she hasn’t responded as I expected. She acts as if she isn’t interested in the sex-symbol of the Universe, the guru of love: ME.

Finally, I decided to give her a bouquet of flowers – traditional things never fail. And instead of saying ‘thank you’, she just said ‘Oh no. It can’t be true. I’m sorry, I hope the girl who really likes you will appreciate these flowers’, and she gave them back!

This is war. She needs to be mine and I don’t know what more I can do!

7 thoughts on “Advice column: Guru of love in trouble

  1. Hello.
    I’m sorry to say this but it seems that woman isn’t interested in you at all: she has rejected your flowers.
    Anyway, have you took your time to find out what are her real interests? Maybe she hates flowers and would have been more keen on chocolates or books.
    Gurus of love -like you- are usually conceited and bigheaded, maybe she has noticed your big ego and didn’t like it at all.

  2. It´s a lost case, you should face reality and find another girl to seduce. If you´re so good with girls it should be easy, shouldn´t it? 😀

  3. 67 girlfriends? I think you are bluff! You should keep your feet on the ground. Nobody is so good to fancy everyone. You must admit this girl is not interested in you, so it’s best to look for another woman who wants to give you a chance.

  4. I think this woman deplores you. It´s clear that she doesn´t want to have a love story with you, even to be your friend.

    Not all women believe that you are a sex-symbol, you should be aware of that. My advice: forgetting her.

    The more you try it, the more she hates you.

  5. Hi Guru! What’s going on? :p

    You say that you have had over 67 girlfriends, Ok, I trust you.
    I don’t know how old are you, but doing some maths and consider that you could have 2 girlfriends per year (that’s 34 years) and probably you started your ‘guru career’ at the age of 18 more or less…you’re 52!

    so that’s the problem, she’s 17 years younger than you and probably she prefer a men of her same age, or maybe someone younger than her…

    Look for another target, women in her late 40’s
    could be more interested in you.

  6. I think you ought to stop thinking about that girl, she has simply become a challenge for you, a stupid obsession.
    You don’t really fancy her so why don’t you let the poor girl live her live and just think about one of the “thousands” of woman that love you so much, guru of love?

  7. Dear “Casanova”,
    Let me tell you something. Women will always be a mystery for you! None of us are similar, so you still have a lot of things to learn about us.
    What do you think a woman is? A material thing which you can play with?
    I`ll give you an advise: leave your prepontency aside and try to be a bit more simple-hearted.

    A wonderful and mysteryous woman.

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