A disappointing film: Changeling

A review by ivi2008

“Changeling” is the creation of the famous actor and director: Clint Eastwood. The fact that the plot is based on a real story, which moved the American society in the 20’s, together with the appearance of the well-known actress Angelina Jolie, have made the release of this drama be highly expected.

The film tells us the story of a psico who kidnapped and killed more than twenty kids in Northamerica in the 20’s. Angelina Jolie plays the role of the mother of one of them, who fights to resolve the disappearance of her son.

The film is full of good stars. Besides, the wardrobe and the setting perfectly reflect the atmosphere of this era.

Nevertheless, the ending is too long: at least thirty minutes before finishing, the spectators already know what is going to happen. The film gives us extra information that is unnecessary.

I felt a bit disappointed because I was expecting it to be more interesting, but it turned out to be a bit boring.

3 thoughts on “A disappointing film: Changeling

  1. Rotten Tomatos gave it a bad score, and some friends of mine told me that the film is not what they expected…I´m glad to have avoided this film 😛

    Besides, I can´t stand Angelina Jolie playing roles like these :$

  2. Since I saw the announce in the media I knew that it was going a film to watch. I watched it in the Net and I liked it a lot and I think that Angelina plays a great character and the experts of the world have said the same because she has been nominated as Best Actress in the Golden Globes and in the Oscar, althought the prize won´t be for her!!
    However I have to say that it´s a very sad story!!

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