Obama’s Inaugural Speech

Vodpod videos no longer available.
We were in class when the now President of America was giving his inaugural speech. I tried to connect to different televisions so we could watch live but it was impossible. I think it must have been the most demanded speech in the history of Internet. But here it is, available to us to watch only a few hours later. And with the transcript, as well.

Do you feel as optimistic and enthusiastic as the vast majority of the world? O do you feel apprehensive because he’s bound to disappoint us because politics is politics?

Watch the video (read the transcript if you think you need it) and tell us what are for you the most remarkable points in his speech.

If you want to check how well you understand the vocabulary in the speech, do this exercise prepared by my friend and colleague Reyes  and posted in Maribel’s blog (Team work is fabulous! Thanks to both)


11 thoughts on “Obama’s Inaugural Speech

  1. Hello.
    I’ve been watching and reading the speach. It sounds good, but I’m more on the side of politics is politics. However, he is right in many things he said, such as that we must consider January the twentieth 2009 as a historic date becouse that day has made a very big difference between the situation of coloured people sixty years ago and their situation today.
    So I’m hopeful, because the real indicator of this change in American society is that he has become president because millions of voters gave him, an Afroamerican, their votes.
    What do you think about it?
    See you.

  2. Sadly, the ex-president Bush has shown us the worst of America. USA needed a change, I think that Obama is the best option for this purpose. He has good intentions, but I don´t believe that he can carry out all the expectations of his voters.

    He has a hard work to do. Nevertheless, everywhere has hope, and this is very positive.

  3. Hi!!
    I feel really optimistic, I think he is going to do a great job, although being sincere, I also think that he will have to work hard because the previous President made horrible things that he will have to solve!!

  4. For me it should be call “For our fathers”. My first impression is that it was an excellent speech specially because he values the actions, the hard work that our parents had done. They refused to choose between safety and liberty even when they fought against communism and fascism, not like Bush who was trying to sacrifice freedom because of the terrorisme. He remembers how his American ancestors had worked the whole day until their hands got raw. He always put them forward as models when figuring out of the financial, economical and social crisis.

  5. First of all, I would say that Obama’s inaugural address has been gorgeous!
    He has a wonderful communication skill; his speech sounds for me like a preacher oration. His words are so enticing!
    All the promises he has made during his candidacy and all the challenges he propouses are obviously what the vast majority of the citizens are expecting to but, to be honest, I don`t think he could go ahead with all of them.
    I really rely on him, on his words and on all his intentions and I hope the “gift of freedom” could be carried out.

  6. Despite the fantastic speech, all people have pinned theirs hopes on a human waiting for a miracle and in my opinion it would became in a big disappointment.

  7. Excellent speech, indeed 🙂

    I truly think that the future of USA is brighter than ever with Obama in the White House. He has made lots of promises about the economical crisis and other troubles faced by the country, but I´m positive about his attitude and I firmly believe that he is not going to let the americans down.

    It´also nice to hear such beautiful messages about equality, freedom and hope. There´s a long, hard road in the horizon, but we can cross it if we work together for the world´s sake, to make a better society and live in peace.

    Go for it, Obama!

  8. Hi!

    I think it’s an optimistic speech! I like it! I know that American citizens need facts instead of words, but it’s a nice start. So I hope he could be able to do a great job in his future as President of United States.

    For me, the best part of the video is when he mentioned his father, he must be very proud of him. This moment showed me that things have changed a lot in a good way, because now, we are free and we have the same rights.

  9. Hi!

    In my opinion we have too much hope deposited in the figure of Barack Obama and when we are sure someone will do things great, it’s more easy to him to fail us, because even the smallest mistake will be a disappointment for the people who had believed in him.

    I know there is a lot of hard work for him to do and the possibilities of making a mistake are high, but I hope I’m wrong and he will do an excellent job for the whole world as the president of the, nowadays, more powerful country of the world (and doing his job in a good way is not extremelly difficult because George Bush had not done it particulary well)

  10. I would like to be optimistic about Obama, but, he could be only a dream.
    In my opinion, people around the world trear him like “a God”, the person who will go to resolve the economic problems, finish the wars…
    It’s great step to colour people in USA, but he won’t came to solve Spanish problems.

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