Advice column: Should I tell her mum?

200px-featherDear mates,

My best friend has gone off the deep end over a boy she met. She is sixteen,  he is twenty and they are really, really involved. They are planning a great weekend away at his parent’s camp, and they will be drinking a lot (this guy drinks so much). He is going to steal the key and she is getting a girlfriend to lie and say she is spending the weekend at her house. They have already found someone who will drive them there and pick them up. This is all she talks about.
All our friends think the plan is so romantic, but I am worried. Ever since she met this guy, she isn’t fun anymore. We used to talk about books, music and have fun together but now she seems so shallow.
I think her mother should know but I don’t want to do it. She would never talk to me again. What should I do?

3 thoughts on “Advice column: Should I tell her mum?

  1. Hello.
    Definitely not!
    You are her friend, she trusts you, what you have to do is to open her eyes and try to make her see this guy through yours. Talk to her and try to convince her.

  2. I agree with quaver1969. It’s best not to speak to her mother at first because she would be grounded and obviously she wouldn’t want to see you anymore. Try to tell her what you think about her boyfriend. It’s probably she is blind because she fancies this guy and you can open her eyes.

  3. I think you should tell her mother about this plan. She is just sixteen years old! She can´t be out for a “Drinking Holiday” by herself. What if something happens? You’ll feel absolutely guilty the rest of your life 😦

    Why she has to lie anyway? If they’re not planning anything dangerous or ilegal there would be no problem with her mother…that’s, of course, my opinion, but I think it´s the best thing to do :$

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