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I discovered this singer a few years ago while I was looking for a song written by Leonard Cohen, “Dance me to the end of love”. She has a version – an amazingly better version to me than the original – of that song. And I like this song, in fact almost every song I’ve heard sung by her. She’s Madeleine Peyroux, a Canadian woman.

Listen to this song. It’s wonderful.

See you.


2 thoughts on “Smile.

  1. I don´t know if you have ever seen the Spanish version of the program “American Idol”.

    Everywhere, this song became popular the last year in Spain, because the winner of this reality show, sang it in the first program.

    I send you the link of the video, It´s quite long but the best is in the end.

  2. Hello.
    I never have seen “OT”, I don’t like most programmes on TV.
    I don’t usually watch the news- it is people who tell me them- I am too sensitive for this world and when I see the news I often get shocked with some kind of disaster and then I keep thinking about it for days or weeks or even forever. But fortunately I have sense of humor to overcome through all that stuff of wars, crisis and violence that news programmes are about.
    Anyway, the question is I hadn’t seen Virginia’s version of “Smile” till now.
    Honestly I rather Madeleine’s.

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