Write your own mystery and crime story!


Are you a fan of Dexter? Or are you looking forward to the next episode of Cold Case? Are you sad because Grisoon might leave CSI? Then you are really into crime and detective stories. But even if you have answered “no” to the above questions,  what about writing your own thriller?

With each of the links below you will find a post with a video. The short films  are part of a self-promotional campaign shown on the theme TV channel Calle 13, which specialises in crime stories and thrillers. Watch the videos and write an idea for an episode of a story based on what each scene suggests.

Once some people have started writing their ideas, you can also modify someone else’s suggestion and write a new version of their story. And if your version has been changed, you can send a comment disgreeing with the writer, giving more information about your story.

Consider the following points:

  • Where is the action set?
  • Are there anybody involved in the action?
  • Are there any elements of suspense?
  • What might have happened before the scene you can see?
  • And most importantly, what’s going to happen next?

These are the topics of the videos:

  1. The Platform
  2. The Lift
  3. The Scales
  4. The Glass
  5. The Garden
  6. The Park
  7. The Bath

Remember to write your ideas for the story in the comment box in each post.


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