2 thoughts on “Crime Story: The scales

  1. This is a man who is planning to hijack an airplane. Since security control has increased lately all over the world, he decides to cut his own wooden leg-the one on the right in the images- to carve a place in which to hide a weapon. He is on a scales to know how much weight he is cutting off, because he had gone to the police before to get a certification of having a prosthesis, and he knows he’ll be weighed at the airport. So he has to cut exactly the weight of the weapon he wants to hide inside his wooden leg.
    When he gets to the airport he passes the control and gets on board, then he goes to the bathroom, takes his prosthesis off, catches the weapon, a big steel gun loaded with twenty bullets, hides it under his jacket and goes back to his seat.
    The plane takes off and when they’ve been flying for half an hour he goes towards the cockpit and takes the stewardess as a hostage while she tries to stop him on his way.
    The story ends when the captain gets out of the cockpit with a gun in his hand and shoots him dead.

  2. Scales, a chainsaw and feet,…a scary trade, bodies that must be cut in small pieces and put into suitcases. A man with the suitcase at the airport who smiles proudly and thinks: Who will the next?

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