3 thoughts on “Crime Story: The Park

  1. It’s a sunny afternoon. A man is standing on a ladder screwing the chains of a swing to the ceiling of a merry-go-round.
    Someone is approaching to him walking amidst the rest of the swings slowly, without making any noise.
    -Excuse me sir.
    -Have you got a minute?
    -Could you lend me your tools? I’ve had a breakdown with the car. -The worker looks at the man with a strange look in his eyes- It’s over there, just around that corner, you can come with me if you want.
    The man goes down the ladder and hands him his tools.
    Suddenly the stranger bangs him on the head with the wrench.
    He drops dead.

  2. It´s a cool morning, a freezing day .The man who is standing on the stairs is preparing the scene crime. He´ s making with the chains of the merry-go a rop.
    The owner merry-go-round is in jail but he will be free in two houres. Last month a child died in the merry-go-round when he was enjoing the day off with his father. One of the chains failed. The owner
    will died hanged.

  3. Paul was mending the chains of one of the swings. It was hot outside. The sun was very bright and shinny. The fun-fair was closed. Nobody else was in…except her!
    She approached him from the back very slowly, making sure that he couldn’t hear her. She grabbed the sharp dagger firmly, aimed at his collar and hurtled it precisely towards the target.
    Paul gave a kind of gasp inhalation and fell down. She knew immediately that he was dead.
    “Sorry Paul but I had to do it”, she muttered. “You were the last”.

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