Crime Story: The Garden

Watch the video and write your ideas for a crime story in the comment box.


3 thoughts on “Crime Story: The Garden

  1. A sprinkler is spraying the lawn in a garden.
    A telephone starts to ring.
    The cammera starts to go down the image square and we can see a patch of recently digged earth in the lawn and that’s where the ring comes out of.
    Obviously the gardener must have forgotten his mobile while planting the white double dahlias in the new parterre.

  2. Theo and Linda are gardening their new patch. Linda is hosing the bushes whereas Theo grains some tulips.
    What time is it, darling? – asked Theo.
    I don’t know. I’ll go in and see. It’s very hot, isn’t it? Do you fancy some refreshing lemonade?
    Ok, love.
    Linda goes in to prepare the lemonade. Time goes by. Suddenly, Linda’s mobile phone rings. Nobody answer. It continues ringing.
    Theo enters. The house blows up…

  3. Saturday night, John Marrick is having dinner as every Sunday for the last two years, when suddenly a noise breaks his routine……………………………..
    Sunday morning, it’s a perfect day, and John Q is gardening, when he hears a mobile ringing, tries to find the mobile when he realizes that there is some earth moved in a rectangle-shaped and that is the origin of the sound…………

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