Crime Story: The Bath

Watch the video and write your ideas for a crime story in the comment box.


3 thoughts on “Crime Story: The Bath

  1. There is someone walking towards a bathtube. He might have been preparing his own bath, the tube is full of warm water. We can hear drops falling into it. The man is about to enter into the tube but unexpectedly he sees a rubber duck coming out of the water.
    He is petrified, there was no rubber duck in the bathroom nor no-one else in the house.
    So where the hell did that duck come out of?

  2. She suddenly woke up.She had been asleep on the sofa while she was looking her 3-years-old-son playing with his toys. When she looked the clock she realized that she had been sleeping 30 minutes, but now, after the nap, she felt better.
    However, something went wrong, she didn´t heard her son but she heard something…the same sound again…and again…Suddenly she realized that she had prepared a bath before sitting on the sofa.
    She run to the bath while she was thinking something horrible, but by the time she arrived, a rubber duck came out of the water…

  3. You can see a very deep bath plenty of water, and hear the drops falling in. Suddenly a rubber toy like a duck floats.
    A woman who was having a relaxing bath might be murder by asfixia, and in a few minutes the next thing floating could be her body.

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