Crime story 4: The glass

Watch the video and write a short crime story in the comment box.


3 thoughts on “Crime story 4: The glass

  1. When Jane was invited to have lunch by Ann, she had a feeling that something was wrong. They both have been close friends until Ann started an affair with Jane´s father. Jane suspected that Ann was acting to pursue her father´s fortune. Because of that, their friendship had been cut two years ago.

    Jane´s father had willed the great part of his possessions to his daughter, what had made Ann feel furious. The day before the date, Jane was thinking that Ann might will try to kill her. Therefore, Jane changed their glasses of wine, while Ann was talking with the waiter during the lunch.

    Jane drank up her wine just when Ann came back to the table. After some minutes, Ann´s face seemed disappointed and surprised. Jane realised that Ann was waiting her dead. Obviously, Ann had poisoned the wine!

    Ann was arrested for this attempt, and she spent five years in jail. After that, Jane has never drunk wine outside again.

  2. It was my birthday. My husband had prepared a romantic dinner in an expensive restaurant. I had been putting off that for long time because I wanted to be sure that nobody would discover me, but I could not stand the situation more.
    I had been thinking of it since I got married three years ago. I had never felt in love with my husband. All I wanted was his money. He was the richest man in the country and believed that a beautiful woman 25 years younger than him loved him. What stupid man!
    I put the poison in my glass of wine while I was going over around noticing if someone was looking at me. I exchanged the glasses quickly.
    It was time to wait. In a few hours, I would become in the rich widow that I had been dreaming…

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