Crime story 2: The lift

Watch the video and write your ideas for a short story in the comment box.


5 thoughts on “Crime story 2: The lift

  1. A lift gets to the groundfloor of a building, the door opens and we can see a briefcase on one side of it.
    There is a dead man inside the lift though we don’t see it in the images.
    This man might have been murdered by someone who stabbed him upstairs. He may have got into the lift to search for medical assistance, but the killer had stabbed him in his stomach and neck. He put his shirt on the wounds to stop the hemorrhage, but it was useless. He died while the lift was going to the groundfloor.

  2. It is two to one. Everything has returned to calm. The bank clerks are in their job and the small windows are plenty of people again. Security forces have got their stuff together and have just gone away. Fortunately it all came to be a scare.
    All through the morning the Central Bank’s offices has been under threat of bomb alert. For hours bomb disposal experts and fire brigade were searching whole the building inch by inch after having police cleared people out the place.
    But nobody thought of looking inside one of the lifts. It has been out of order for a long time; this is because it is stopped on the basement. Inside the lift there is a briefcase. Inside the briefcase there is a bomb, ready to explode at one o’clock. Bank clerks working in their desks……..citizens queuing up at the small windows……

  3. An important man has been dated inside a building at midnight…he is been told by an anonimous informer that he has to bring him 5.000.000 € if he doesn´t want to have his economical fraud list published in the newspapers.

    Without doubting a second the man accepts the proposal and decides to go to the reunion point in the 7th floor. He takes the elevator and press the button…the elevator starts moving…

    2nd floor….the man is a bit nervous. What kind of man will be awaiting him? Will he really keep his promise in exchange of the money?

    4th floor…. the man is pale and stiff. Swet is wetting his shirt as he looks at the number counter.

    6th floor…The elevator suddenly stops moving!!!

    The man is absolutely terrified right now, he starts to hit the doors desperately, but then the lights turn off and he can´t see anything…extrange sounds come out from inside of the elevator, and after a few seconds it moves again….

    7th floor…the elevator stops again and the doors finally open, but the man it´s no longer inside…only his briefcase remains…

    What has happenned? Where on earth is the man? And why the briefcase it´s been left there? You don´t want to miss the next breathtaking episode!!! 🙂

  4. There is a briefcase inside a lift that has just got to the second floor of a building, it is night-time and no one is there.
    In the ground floor there is a dead man, who has got a shot in his head and another man who has a shot on his leg.
    The hurt man is trying to move to reach the lift to take the briefcase where a big amount of money is kept, he was going to give this money to the dead man to recover some important documents that could not be seen by anyone, but now he has killed the blackmailer, who was waiting for the money in the second floor, and he has not this documents with him, how could he now know where the documents are?

  5. An important appointment has been place in one of the most luxury hotels in San Diego, California. Two bussiness men have already met in one hall to discuss the fussion between theirs petrol companies. After much time, both got the deal , everything seemed that finish well, however, when Mr.Jackson has left the elevator, and Mr. Smith was alone, a horrifying noise frightened the rest of guests…, the security ran to last floor, because the lift will go up to there , suddenly the elevator opened and Mr. Smith was lying down on the floor, surrounded by blood , next to him was his briefcase …

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