5 thoughts on “Crime story 1: The platform

  1. A man is standing on a platform at the Tube station. Another man walks slowly, without making any noise, coming from behind the former, and stops right behind him.
    The later might be the Tails Collector. He walks so noiselessly because he might have had some trouble with the other man before, and he is afraid of him, specially when there’s no one else around as is the case. He-the English version of the Tails Collector- may have already been hit by the doubtful debtor, cause, you know?, besides being a debtor he is violent too.
    So here is this poor worker, the Tails Collector, who has to do his job and follow this man to work and takes the Tube each day with him.
    Poor man!

  2. A man is waiting for the train in an underground metro station. It´s 12:30 PM and he is alone…wait, is he? Without knowing it a second man is slowly approaching from behind with bad intentions…he´s going to push him out right into the rails while the train is passing. It will look like an accident…

    The murderer is the other man´s boss, and he is trying to kill him because the employee saw something that he never should have seen in his office…What dark secret lies behind this misterious bussinessman? Is he going to success in his evil task? You´ll have to wait to the next episode 😀

  3. Seven to fifty-eight in the morning an John, as usual, is waiting the train to take him to his job.

    With all that mess in his home, with untidy kids and stressed wife he almost miss the train which passes at eight o’clock.

    Seven to fifty-nine in the morning an Mr. Amsterdan is leaving to the station. It was hard to deal with the information turned up in the night. Will he recognized him?

    Almost eight, the train is leaving to the station and John is walking to the end of the platform.

    With all the quiteness of the world, Mr. Amsterdan stops behind John an says to his ear ‘John Smith, I’m Mr. Amsterdan, CIA agent. You need to come with me before the train leaves. You don’t want to do it’. ‘Oh, yes I do, I will make the better for my family. The bomb is in my case and everything’s decided’. ‘CIA Agency can provide you protection to you and your family. New names, new home, new life. Nobody will notice’. ‘And where were you when the terrorists told me to do this if I didn’t want my family killed?’. ‘Sorry Sir, the information arrived overnight. Please, give me the case’. Afterwhile, the train is finally arriving. “Please, Sir, your family and you will be protected. Give me the case, it’s the best’. John didn’t say nothing and Amsterdan was looking intensely at him, ‘Sir…’. John gives to Mr. Amsterdan the case with the bomb in it.

    ‘Ok, now you’ll come with me. We need to act fast…’

  4. Is is late in the evening and a man is standing in an underground station that is closed, so there’s no people there, but he knows that he is not alone.
    Another man approaches him slowly.
    They are going to solve an old problem this evening, the two men are from the Italian mafia and they have had this date arranged for the last two months. This night al least one of them is not going to leave the station alive…

  5. The man stops for a moment by the platform trying to calm his nerves. Somebody had been following him since he left his house this morning.
    He noticed when he stoped to buy the newspaper: when he went out of the shop he saw that man looking at him from the other side of the street. He looked like a criminal and made him feel quite nervous.

    At first he hadn’t gave him any importance but, when one hour later he saw the same man in the bus stop, he couldn’t avoid feeling quite uncomfortable. What did he want?

    He had started walking quite fast, almost running, trying to escape. He had decided to go to the Underground, running down the stairs. That will be the best option to escape definitely.

    Now he was there: waiting the next train, when suddenly, he started hearing some steps behind. He wanted to scream but he couldn’t, he wanted to run but he couldn’t. All his muscles were paralyzed.
    Maybe these moments were the last moments of his life; he could hear the train nearing to the platform…..

    In that moment he heard the voice:

    “Excuse me; does the train stop in The Main Street?”

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