The Bobbit case update

Posted by Quaver1969


This Friday I was with a friend in her house and we found a magazine from the year 1993 when the Bobbit’s case was a recent piece of news.

Well, the magazine told the whole story of this woman who cut her husband’s penis after having been raped and mistreaded by him repeatedly.

What the press didn’t tell was that after having cut the… thing she went with it in her hand driving along a higway with her husband following her in another car-he was trying to recover what was his- and she realized that the penis was preventing her from driving properly, so she opened the window and threw it on the road, but before the penis fell it bounced against the windscreen of a truck that was right behind her car.

There were two lorry drivers in that truck and one asked to the other: Have you seen that mosquito’s balls?


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