The policeman who was a thief

Posted by Quaver1969

Last year I went to Egypt for eleven days with my family. We made a cruise on the Nile and then spent some more days in Cairo. We visited the Gizah Pyramids, of course. Keops Pyramid is the one standing Wonder of the Ancient World (the other six don’t stand anymore).

We visited Snefru’s Pyramids too (among other interesting places).

When we arrived to Snefru’s Rhomboidal Pyramid there were two policemen patrolling the site. One of them was riding a gorgeus camel and the other was on foot. Both of them belonged to the National Police.

We aproached to a wooden scafold that was standing at the pyramid entrance, which was a few metres above. We went upstairs ’till we reached the entrance.  There was a metallic door with a little window with bars through which you could see the begining of a narrow isle that led to the pyramid’s core.

The door was closed and we were peering inside through the window. As we were there the policeman who was on foot came to the entrance. We were talking about the pyramid, wondering which material was it made of. The policeman heard one of us saying “alabastro” in Spanish, and he understood and said: “Alabaster, it’s made of alabaster”, in English looking at me.

There was a big stone at one of the sides of the metallic door. It was fragmented into little stone pieces which stuck together as if the big stone were a jigsaw. The policeman took one of the little stones and gave it to me as he said “alabaster”.

I was completely flabbergasted by this behaviour:

What the hell was supposed this man to be caring of?! He picked that stone, a small stone which had been part of Snefru’s Rhomboidal Pyramid for about 5,000 years, a piece of History, and gave it to a tourist: me!

Well, I have the stone well packed in an envelope which is inside a leather purse which is inside a box that is on a wooden column inside the guests room in my house. I sometimes take that stone in my hand and remember the policeman who was a thief.


One thought on “The policeman who was a thief

  1. You’ve been very lucky! It’s strange that the airport police hadn’t noticed the value of the stone.
    Something similar happened to me in Chile. Unfortunately, a customs oficial in the airport forced me to hand back some passion fruit seeds. Obviously, those weren’t pieces of the Inca culture but, somehow it was also an illegal act.

    I’ve never been to Egypt but it must be a wonderful place to visit. I’m very keen on ancient cultures, in fact I went to México, Chile and Perú to see and learn about the Maya and the Inca cultures.
    If you like that kind of holidays, I recommend you to visit Chichen Itza, a large pre-Columbian archaeological site built by the Maya civilization and located in the northern center of the Yucatán Peninsula (México). Absolutely gorgeus!

    I’d like to go to Egypt but to be honest, I’m a bit afraid of the security there. However, it’s a place which really entices me.

    Bye, bye!

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